Abortions account for 95% of Planned Parenthood services [CC]


Abortions account for 94% of the services provided for pregnant women by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Susan B. Anthony List has remarked. Citing statistics gleaned …



Their name is such a sad, unfunny joke: Planned Non-Parenthood is closer to the truth.


no, banned Parenthood is more like it.


The sad truth is they should be truthful and simply call themselves Planned Infanticide. It makes me heartsick that so many people support them in the name of “women’s healthcare”.


I hope mainstream media accepts these facts, it tears at the heart of the ‘war on women’ meme used so effectively in past POTUS elections.


Well the title of this thread is so misleading that it could be called deceitful. 95% of their services that were provided to pregnant women were abortions. That makes sense. If you are pregnant and calling PP, what are you most likely seeking?


Since PP receives half a BILLION dollars to provide NON-abortion services presumably there would be many reasons for a pregnant woman to contact PP. Pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, prenatal visits, adoption counseling for example.

Your statement is true in that PP is the country’s largest abortion provider and while in the past was thought to provide multiple services, it’s become pretty much accepted that it’s simply an abortuary with a few side businesses that mask the overall focus.

I think the larger point is that PP claims that no tax dollars fund the daily carnage but abortions are by far the most profitable (not the “excess” revenues and substantial assets) and through allocation of shared costs, PP is able to take the tax dollars and claim these funds are spent on counseling, education, birth control and STD testing and treatment.

It’s a ghoulish business that thankfully is becoming an anathema to more and more Americans.



When posting in the News Forums, the rules say that the exact title of the article must be used, whether it’s misleading or not. And a lot of headlines are misleading.

But I think some people try to say that abortions are rare at Planned Parenthood, and that just ain’t so.


Planned Parenthood: We Aborted 327,653 in FY2014

That works out to an average of 37 abortions per hour or nearly 1 every 90 seconds.

The 327,653 abortions Planned Parenthood reports that it did in its organizational fiscal 2014 exceeds by 487 the number of abortions it did the previous year.

The report also reveals that Planned Parenthood actually provided fewer contraceptives – 3,577,348 patients in fiscal 2014 compared to 3,724,558 in fiscal 2013.

A statement from one young woman, cited only as “Shireen” in the report but accompanied by a photo, says: “Birth control has changed my life. It has allowed me to attend college, travel and be a working woman. I get my birth control at Planned Parenthood because it is accessible and affordable, and because Planned Parenthood advocates for women like me – a young woman of color – every day.”


Keep America’s Biggest Abortion Provider Well Funded to $400-500 million dollars a year by the Federal Government. What a proud accomplishment for this special interest of one of the political parties! They’ve got planned parenthood former personnel on the staff of some Democrat politicians.

How shameful that in New Jersey, via Chris Cristie or Wisconsin or Texas, some politicians have shut these clinics down by defunding them. Karl Rove and Hudson must be happy.


I think words of Our Lady of Fatima are appropriate for this thread: “More souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other sin.”
Women’s rights, gay rights, animal rights, rights this, rights that, etc. Never do you hear “unborn rights”. Their right is merely to live the life God gave them. Is it so hard?


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