Abortions no longer available in Lubbock TX


Abortion services no longer available in Lubbock, a day after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals allowed most of the state’s new abortion restrictions to take effect.** In a coincidence of timing, a new non-profit announced it has taken over both of Lubbock’s Planned Parenthood facilities.**

Generation Healthcare CEO, Merinda Condra, said her organization and its board are not related in any way to Planned Parenthood. She said her group’s mission is to provide basic healthcare to are women. Generation Healthcare is gearing up to offer services similar to what Lubbock’s Planned Parenthood did, with the exception of abortion procedures.



Good news. The Texas legislature is controlled by Republicans. And of course the governor - Rick Perry - is a Republican. That should dispel two myths:

  1. that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. This is the mantra of some Catholics - they usually end up wasting their vote on 3rd parties.

  2. that the Republicans really don’t want to restrict abortion, just want pro-life votes and secretly want abortion to remain legal. This is the mantra of liberal catholics who, in a display of political ignorance say things like - “if Republicans were really pro-life, abortion would already be illegal.”

Think Republicans and Democrats are the same? Go to Texas. Think most Republicans aren’t really pro-life? Go to Texas.



God Blessed Texas!




Well said


Coming soon: the rest of Texas and then the rest of the United States.


I hope Texas doesn’t back down with this. With ultra-sound technology, which wasn’t available when Roe VS Wade was decided, everyone should have figured out by now that when a woman is pregnant it means that she has a baby inside of her and that, therefore, an abortion means killing a baby. What is sicking is when someone says that they know they are murdering a baby but that “choice” is still more important to them. “Choice” has become the modern-day golden calf.


Well said.


from the article:

“Within the next really week to ten days we’ll be accepting Texas women’s health program,” Condra said. “So this is a place, again, they can come for a pregnancy testing, contraceptives, basic STD testing and treatment. We will also be moving into prenatal care within the next six months.”

Just a caveat.


From your lips to God’s ears!;):):thumbsup:


Caveat about what exactly? I didn’t see anything in that list that qualifies as needing a caveat.


You are over reaching.

  1. never met anyone who thought dems and gop were the same, and catholics mostly vote Dem, not third party
  2. I’d say as a party, gop wants abortions to be safe and rare, but not illegal. A ban on electives after 20wks is not much more than window dressing.


I am confused about something. According to this report:

*The panel left in place a portion of Yeakel’s order that prevents the state from enforcing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration protocol for abortion-inducing drugs in cases where the woman is between 50 and 63 days into her pregnancy. Doctors testifying before the court had said such women would be harmed if the protocol were enforced

I thought Yeakel upheld that provision in the law.:confused:


Numerous abortion clinics have closed down since this law passed. We are told constantly that Republicans don’t really do anything about abortion.This is still another law that gives more to that contention

You may think a 20 week ban is window dressing but the Democrats are up in arms about it-showing one again who the real extremists are in the abortion debate


Agree.The Dems are raising holy heck because they know that this ban is just the beginning of walking back the legalization of abortion.When first legalized,abortion had a lot of restrictions,the pro aborts can see the handwriting on the wall…


I’m being honest.
*]Maybe 1% of abortions are after 20 wks. Many of those will continue under the medical exemption. Net we stop 0.5% of abortions, or they may just happen a few weeks earlier.
*]The new care standards are fantastic, but won’t shut many clinics: Pennsylvania, Virginia and Missouri passed strict health and safety rules similar to Texas, however, most clinics were able to comply and stay open after the laws passed. The clinics that were closed had serious issues.


I’ve never met a Catholic who votes Dem, but I hear they exist in the Internet.




Uh, contraception? Am I the only one who spotted that? Didn’t we agree that can be an abortifacient?


Don’t be naïve, we even have more Catholics elected as Dems than GOP

The total number of Catholics in the U.S. House and Senate has now eclipsed all other religions, with 69 Democrats and 63 Republicans in the House, and 15 Democrats and 9 Republicans in the Senate in the current 112th Congress.

Overall, 57 percent of Catholics affiliate with the Democrats and 40 percent with the Republicans when those leaning toward one or the other party are included. The Democrats held a three-to-two lead before we included the leaners.
National Catholic Reporter

PEW research also confirms over half go Dem
How did Catholics vote in the last U.S. election?

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