Abortuary Sued for Murder of Newborn Baby Stuffed into Biohazard Bag: Funeral Rites Held

By Kathleen Gilbert HIALEAH, Florida, October 15, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A civil suit has been launched against the owner of an abortuary for the murder of a newborn baby girl who, having survived an abortion, was stuffed into a medical waste bag filled with bleach and discarded. The girl’s…

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a civil suit is good, but how about a criminal one as well. once that baby is out and alive the law finally agrees with common sense that its murder to kill the baby. he should be in general population at a federal prision.

Barak Obama has demonstrated with his vote that he is okay with it as long as the baby is simply neglected and left to die if the birth is the consequence of a failed abortion. If he is elected, it is highly unlikely this sort of thing will ever be against the law.

And, if he signs FOCA, as he has promised to do as his very first act as president, it will not be possible for states to pass laws which would limit actions such as the one you mention.

it is very worriesome.

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