About 20 people injured in axe attack on train in Germany


*About 20 people have been injured by a man with an axe on a train in Germany, according to local media reports.

The alleged attacker, who is said to have struck in the northern Bavarian town of Würzburg, has been shot, the Main Post reported. The paper said a major police operation was under way.

This is a breaking news story.*

Several more people were injured in a separate knife attack in Germany. It seemed he was mental but spouting Islamic type stuff.

I fear many people are gravitating towards Islam simply as an excuse to cause mayhem, or just something to copy cat.

Praying for the health & recovery of the injured.

I guess we should start banning axes and knives now.

Well, if they weren’t restricted from trains before now, they will be.


How awful! :frowning:


The attacker was an Afghan Refugee telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/18/german-train-axe-attack-many-injured/

I was wondering if he was an ethnic German or not.

No. It shows that in a country where guns are not common, and a potential assailant does not have easy access to them, the human toll can be limited.

There are ISIS/Al Quaeda videos that praise the easy access of guns in the US and call for terrorists to make use of that fact.

why am I not shocked?

Merkel’s children showing their love and appreciation on being rescued from their miserable homelands.

Like in Nice?

The strict gun control laws in France apparently did little to stop the nightclub attack and the Charlie Hebdo attack. Every time we have one of these attacks it seems the left immediate reaction is to do everything possible to take the focus away from the Islandic terrorists who were resonsible for it.


*Pages from a notebook found at the home of an Afghan teen who attacked passengers on a German train with an axe may be regarded as a suicide note, police and investigating officials said during a press-briefing on Tuesday.
Addressing his father, the young man asked him to pray that he could take revenge “on the infidels” and “get to Heaven,” officials said.

The train attacker was “a devout Sunni,” according to officials, who added that he didn’t visit a mosque regularly, but had probably prayed privately. Having studied the man’s presence on social networks, investigators said he had published a post against “enemies of Islam” some 24 hours before the attack.*

Proofread your posts, everybody.

I doubt Iceland or islanders had any connection with the current spasm of terrorism.


Depends on how you hold them and where.

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