About 90,000 evacuated from Fort McMurray; state of emergency declared


Wildfires look like they are about to totally consume Ft. McMurray, Alberta.


More than 88,000 people were evacuated from Fort McMurray and parts of the town were in ruins, levelled by a wildfire that swept through the city that is home to Canada’s oil patch. Fuel shortages and heavy traffic snarled the residents’ departure. Firefighters said weather conditions made it difficult to bring the fire under control.

Scott Long, executive director of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency, did not rule out the possibility that much of Fort McMurray could be burned to the ground.

Please pray for the residents, who may lose everything.




praying still…


Praying for the safety & well being of all in the fire’s path.


praying for all…


Can this fire even put out? I have no idea how oil sands work but I know there are subterranean coal fires that are still burning after decades.




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