About canonized Saints

When the Pope Canonizes a person as a Saint, do they go straight to Heaven or is it possible for them to have to go to Purgatory first; providing that they died with veniel sins? Doesn’t everybody that was not fortunate enough to have had the rite of the anointing of the sick go to purgatory. I doubt that any of us who die are not without sin, and I thought that you could not enter into the Kingdom of God unless you were without sin. and purgatory is the only way we can be cleansed of our sins after death. TY. Brenda

When the Pope cannonizes someone,the Pope does not send them to heaven. He is affirming that the church’s conditions for sainthood have been met, and the person is iin heaven and now a saint.

Also, God is the judge of a persons soul at death. That means people who live saintly lives and do not receive last rites can and do go to heaven, just as people who live evil lives, and receive last rites, may not even go to purgatory, if insincere.

No…they are already i heaven. But they could have gone to purgatory first, prior to going to heaven.

Anybody who gets Anointing of the Sick and Apostolic Pardon before death, or anyone who goes to Confession soon before death, is likely to die without any sin on his soul.

Purgatory is about getting clean of “the temporal results of sin,” like bad habits, or the way your sins affected other people.

However, the Apostolic Pardon includes a plenary indulgence for all your purgatory stuff, IIRC, so again, you would generally go straight to Heaven unless you managed to mortally sin in thought really quickly, lie to the priest, etc.

The Church is very generous about giving us chances to get to Heaven.

If a person lives a good life and receives last rites, do they go straight to Heaven with no purgatory?

Isnt purgatory also about temporal punishment owed to God, even from confessed sin, reparation through prayer, suffering, and good works, in this life, or purification in purgatory,

Jesus speaks about some of this to St Faustina, in that the Feast of Divine Mercy fulfilled properly cleanses a soul of all temporal punishment in this life and the next ( purgatory)

The point is that God is not bound by sacraments in each and every situation.

The flip side to your question may give insight-if someoone is aware of last rites, and sins and sins and sins, thinking that all sins are wiped away by last rites, and receives them would they go to purgatory?-

God would be the judge in both situations.

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