About Catholic, Jewish And Chritine Beliefs.


Sorry for the possible spelling mistakes. I am a non-believer in them. But I am curious about the origins, history, difference and relationships between them. Can anyone tell me?


Sorry for the possible spelling mistakes. I am a non-believer in them. But I am curious about the origins, history, difference and relationships between them. Can anyone tell me?

There’s this book called THE BIBLE…you’ll find most of the answers there. That’s the pat answer.:wink:

You’d really have to be more specific about your question to get a good answer.

Let’s clear one misconception, Christian beliefs and Catholic beliefs are not two seperate subjects…Catholicism is the largest subset of Christian belief.

Judaism: Stems from a tribal religion in the middle east that had several unique components, belief in One God Only, and even more unique, that this God was invisible, couldn’t be seen and that to attempt to make images that represented him were sinful, and that God had a unique relationship with the descendants of a guy named Abraham. There were several heros of this faith whose stories are built in the Old Testatment (or Hebrew Scriptures if you prefer). Being God’s chosen people was a great honor but no easy task. Under the leadership of a guy named Moses they began to codify their relatioship with this God whom they called Yahweh, which roughly means I AM WHO AM…and even his name was so sacred that it was only whispered once a year.

Other nations attacked the descendants of Abraham until only three tribes were left, the Levites, the Benjaminites, and the Judhites. The descendants of Judah were the most numerous so the remnant became known as Jews.

As the Jews began to gather their sacred stories together in written form (to become the Old Testatment of the Bible much later) they kept seeing this theme of a great savior who would come and restore God’s Kingdom. They began to interpret this guy as a warrior-king because comparisons are made between him and King David. They called this savior figure “The Annointed” ha Mosciach in Hebrew…Christos in Greek.

Sometime around AD 30 during the Roman occupation of what is now Israel and Lebenon this Jewish preacher gathered a following and began to believe that he was this promised "annointed one. His name was Yeshua. Yeshua condemned many of the religious leaders of his era as being hypocrites and not obeying God’s law. In what was mostly a political/religious arguement some of the religious leaders conspired to have Yeshua turned over to the occupying Roman authorities to be executed.

Yeshua was crucified on a Friday and it was thought that his followers, many of whom had believed Yeshua to be the promised savior, would disband. However, within two months of his execution the followers of Yeshua (Jesus is the greek form of the name) began to spread this rather incredible story that about three days after his death on the cross, Jesus was risen from the dead…spent 40 days with them…was taken into heaven, and then sent the “Holy Spirit” to them to help them preach. And that this Jesus was NOT ONLY the promised savior, but had been God himself made flesh. And that he would eventually return to restore God’s Kingdom on Earth.

They believed this so fervently that all but one of the original remaining 11 disciples (not counting Judas, who betrayed Jesus) willingly died for this belief. One of the 11…the youngest…died of old age…His name was John.

These 11 initially thought that Jesus would return soon…as time went on and some of them began to realize that God’s time line and theirs wasn’t necessarily the same, they began to write down stories about Jesus. These stories were saved by the growing numbers of people who accepted this belief. Thus the formation of the New Testament of the bible. Those who believe Jesus was/is the promised Messiah, or annointed…or Christ are called Christians.

Properly, Christians should believe themselves to be grafted into Israel in the New Covenant established by Jesus.

Because humans are fragile beings, divisions in how to interpret the Jesus event developed resulting in unfortuante splits in the Christian community, sometimes over minor differences. The Catholic and Orthodox churches both claim to have the most authentic interpretation of the Jesus event, and the two are so close as to almost be one church. Later seperations led to larger differences of opinion and as the break up happened the Protestant movement was born (Protestant because they “protested” certain practices of the Catholic Church). The Protestants would say THEY have the most authentic intepretation of the Jesus event.

What are your specific questions.

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