About Christian music

It seems to me that most so called Christian music is made by (and I guess the target audience is)Protestants.Would it be okay for a Catholic to listen to music like this?.Just to say I like the songs “Dare you to move” and “Meant to live” by Switchfoot(they did Christian music in there early years I’m not sure if they still do.When I looked them up on wikipedia it said that they have always philosophically disagreed with this label) and “Ooh ahh” by .G.R.I.T.S…

Protestantism isn’t ran by Satan, you know. Protestants share our love of God, Jesus, and the joys of our faith. The vast majority of Christian music, at least Christian music that I know, is pretty darn neutral. I can’t think of any songs on the local Christian radio stations that sing about anything that really COULD be defined as Protestant or Catholic.

Sometimes, it’s just plan, undenominated Christian, and that’s fine. So go listen to Switchfoot, they’re awesome

Also, why do you feel the need to say “so called” Christian music? If I was a Protestant, I’d find that pretty offensive. it’s like you’re saying, It’s not Catholic, so it’s not Christian.

If the music praises God and is not anti-Catholic per se, it is fine to listen to. “Coincidentally”, I just happen to be listening right now to David MacDonald, an unapologetically Catholic singer from Canada. I am most impressed with his singing, musical and song writing abilities. Consider some of his songs: “Home to Rome”, "Madre de la Humanidad (about the Virgin of Guadalupe) and “He Rose Again”, which is the Apostle’s creed set to music, and “Life, the First Human Right”. He also maintains a quite good apologetics site, based upon his unique journey away from God and back again. Have a look.

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