About clothing: what is too decadent?

The Bible frequently refers to the man “who wears the finest clothing”, whether he is generous or greedy with his material blessings. So I’ve been wondering how that applies today. I, for one, am not a very lavish dresser. I usually wear a t-shirt and jeans. I don’t spend all that much money on clothes; most of the t-shirts I own were either free or about $10. Just for the heck of it, I’ve been considering buying a cowboy hat, despite the fact that I live in the suburbs. I don’t want to spend too much money on one.

Can anyone elaborate on the “finest clothes” analogy?

Jack, in general, do you tend towards scrupulosity? Because this is a scrupulous question.

if you want a cowboy hat id say “YEE–HAW” (go for it) i dont think that that could be a sin (unless of course you get made of of pure gold with rubies emeralds sapphires and diamonds all over it)

Yes. I am very scrupulous. Maybe you have read my other posts. I tend to pay attention to small, mundane details. Annoys me to no end.

I’m not even sure that would be sinful…unless maybe you paid for it with a bounced check…

Okay, this was a stupid thread. How do I delete it?

You can’t delete it. The mods could, but probably won’t, as a reminder to stay humble. :wink:

I don’t think it’s stupid. Other people who are too shy to ask might still benefit by the answers :slight_smile:

The quick answer is that I don’t think it’s wrong to treat yourself to something nice every so often, provided you can afford it and you’re not neglecting any support due to others close to you. Think of the story of Jesus being anointed with a whole jar of VERY expensive pure nard (an aromatic spice that would have cost the equivalent of a year’s wages). Nice things are allowed.

And these sloppy days, what could be nicer than a hat? I’ve got a Stetson I bought in LA in 1981, a Sherlock Holmes deer-stalker from London, and a straw boater. Someone was looking for me once in a crowd at a Rugby match, and they told him, “Look for a Sherlock Holmes hat!” which he did, and there I was!

Go for it! :slight_smile:

I’m not that guy. I actually want one at a thrifty price.

I agree.

This is not a stupid thread.

I too have very simple tastes in clothing. I own one suit, for weddings and funerals. For me, spending my money on clothing seems like a waste, only because I don’t like to dress up.

However, some people do, and that’s fine…as long as the reason for them wanting to do so is “pure”. In other words, if they want to dress up to say “look at me”, I think that is what Scripture objects to…vanity.

There’s nothing wrong with dressing up to look one’s best, but crossing the line to one-upmanship or vanity…that’s no good. And it doesn’t necessarily have to take a lot of money to cross such lines; one can get gussied up on a budget, but the important thing remains is one’s motivation for doing so.

Every so often I’ll have to dress up for some occasion, and looking in the mirror have to admit that I clean up fairly well. :D:D

You are scrupulous yes. I suggest you go out and spend a few hundred dollars, (or what you can afford) on some nice new outfit. You will look good, and you will not be decadent. You just want to look good, and be cool. nothing wrong with that. :slight_smile:

or if you took food out of your baby’s mouth or even your own…

i didnt think you would, if i was a billionaire (first i would give about $500M to the church) then i may be tempted to do something like that just to say “look, im a GEM stone cowboy” but i have a stupid sense of humor lol:p

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