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I went to confession and forgot to confess one of my sins. However, when the priest says I absolve you of your sins, he does use the plural sense. Would that include the one I forgot to confess? When I was doing my penance I told God that I had forgotten the sin and to please forgive me and I did receive Holy Communion. Was that another sin?


The sin(s) you forget during reconciliation are also absolved, but next time you go to reconciliation just make sure to mention it, You’re good to go. :thumbsup:


As I understand it, as long as you didn’t remember a sin while confessing and still intentionally withhold it, all of your sins are forgiven, whether mentioned or not. You’re good.


Just to add, since only mortal sins must be confessed, genuinely forgotten venial sins need not be mentioned but genuinely forgotten mortal sins, although they are forgiven, are to be mentioned the next time one goes to confession.


If it was a mortal sin forgotten. Would I be able to receive communion until the next time I go to confession?


Genuinely forgotten mortal sins are forgiven, your absolution is valid and you may receive Communion.


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