about death

When we die if we have loved God enough to get to heaven, who comes to take us there, the Virgin Mother or angel or archangel and is this in the bible?

It is common belief that one’s guardian angel, if not St. Michael himself, and possibly others, escort the faithful to heaven after death. Some holy persons on their deathbed have given signs of seeing certain saints and/or our Lord Himself, at the hour of their death. Padre Pio, for example, said he saw “two mothers” (presumably the Blessed Virgin and his own mother).

As to scriptural support, in Jesus’ story about the beggar who died and went to limbo (Lk 16:22), the beggar is escorted by angels. St. Michael is also considered a patron of the dying, perhaps in connection with Jude 9, where he contends with the devil over the body of Moses.

It’s found in tradition too, as witnessed by Origen, who wrote (On John, 19:4) that “At the hour of death the celestial escort receives the soul the moment it leaves the body”. The same idea is found in the Church’s liturgy, which reflects her beliefs, in the Requiem Mass: “May the Angels lead thee into Paradise…”

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