About French Kiss (Again)


So guys, I must to ask Is a French Kiss a Mortal Sin?


Depends on who you are french kissing.


If it is your sister… yes.


Never saw the attraction, myself. Trading spit with a girl . . . doesn’t do anything for me.


Or a married person…who isn’t your spouse


and about that?


What about non-French kissing? Not everyone who kisses is French!


Not sure why so many posters here worry about finding sin in everything. Must make for an unhappy life. Most of these questions can be resolved using our common sense.

The posters above are right - depends on who you are kissing.


It also depends on how long it lasts!


If two French people kiss one another, it is a mortal sin, but only if lasts longer than 3.5 seconds.

For non-French people, it is a mortal sin only if it lasts longer than 7 seconds.

For a French person and a non-French person kissing each other, it averages out to a mortal sin if it is longer than 5.25 seconds.


I french kissed my wife this morning before she went to work. If I ran over to the neighbors house and did the same action, it would be a sin…:shrug:

You need to clarify your question.


I can not see such as just a chaste sign of affection for the unmarried…it is directly orientated towards arousing…as a form of foreplay in marriage.


If you are married and the other person is not your spouse, then does it really matter if they are married or not?


I meant if you are single but kissing a married person. Sorry.


Between spouses, definitely fine! :thumbsup:

Between a single man and woman, it depends. If it is a brief French kiss, lasting a few seconds or so, then, yes it can be a legitimate sign of affection. If it’s a full blown make out session lasting for several minutes or more, then that could certainly be problematic for many, leading to arousal and thus forbidden pleasure outside of marriage. That’s my take on it anyways. :shrug:


Not everyone who does it does it to get off


Not everyone over 80! :rolleyes:


if done poorly, it is an unforgiveable act. :wink:


Made me snork.

(Done well, or done poorly, it’s still yucky.)


Right, sticking a tongue down someones throat is a common way to say “hi” in some cultures…

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