About getting my confirmation?


i am 24 now, i never knew i had to get a confirmation or not HAD to but that i should do
basiclly i want to get it and um want to learn more about how to go about getting it, dont know what it does for you, why you should do it, or how to get started doing it
can you tell me about it, thank you:confused:- kevin.


this is discussed frequently on the liturgy and sacraments forum so you will also find you are not alone, and many share this. The Holy Spirit is prompting you to complete your Christian Initiation, to live out your Baptism fully as an adult committed Catholic, and is waiting to release his gifts and empower you to carry out all God is calling you to do in your life.

Call your parish office Monday, and simply ask for an appointment with the pastor, or whoever he designates, who prepares adults for Confirmation, they will take it from there. Even if you happen to be in a parish that does not offer a year-round program and they tell you “the class has already started” ask to join anyhow, with the understanding that you may not be ready when the rest of the group is confirmed at the date set by the bishop. “Readiness” is an individual thing in any case. At least you will start learning and have a place to ask those questions and get good answers.

Of course begin by faithfulness to the sacraments, confession, communion, Mass, daily prayer etc. And start examining your life to see where you need to work on habits or conditions that are preventing you from being closer to Jesus.

You can do this, and God has wonderful things prepared for you. What does the Holy Spirit do for you? Wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, fortitude, piety, fear of the Lord. A need for any or all of these gifts is behind most of the questions, concerns and problems young adults–or any adults for that matter–ask about here. Sound like something you could use?


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