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I am confused about where Jesus was born. I know he was born in Bethlehem, is that in Jerusalem and is that in part of Africa or where exactly. Thank you, Brenda


Bethlehem is about 5 miles south of Jerusalem in the nation of Israel, on the western-most end of the Asian continent.



Bethlehem is located 6 miles southwest of Jerusalem.
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
Israel is a country in southwest Asia.


Bethlehem is actually in the West Bank, and one of those cities that is controlled by Palestinians. Although if you look at its recent history, there have been conflicts between Israeli soldiers and the Palestinians. A sweet town. Lots of tourists. Lots of craftspeople.


Just curious, does anyone know if they know the exact location where Jesus was born, the stable?

Im fairly sure they know where his tomb is…right? the huge rock to cover the opening still there?

That would be incredible to stand in these spots!


Well, technically, we have a number of candidates. The traditional location since the 4th century or earlier is the place where the Church of the Holy Sepulchre now stands. Some Protestants favor another area (first proposed in the 19th century), the so-called Garden Tomb. These are really the two main candidates: a few people out there propose other areas but their ideas don’t have much currency.

the huge rock to cover the opening still there?

No, it was chipped away long ago. In fact, if you’re thinking you’re going to find any trace of the original tomb you might be disappointed, if you’re talking about the Holy Sepulchre location.



Here you go.


Bethlehem, Palestine and Jerusalem, Israel, Southwest Asia, are side-by-side. A Berlin-type wall separates them.

The two Basilicas marking the “endpoints” of our LORD’s life are five miles apart. Both date to the 300s, but particularly the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, have been refurbished many times over the generations.

The “stable” of His birth is really an underground cavern, now the church crypt at Bethlehem.

The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem covers both Calvary and His tomb – they are about thirty meters apart – but the “Hill of Calvary” was dug out centuries ago. The tomb itself is now a stone cube in the center of a flat rotunda. In the tomb is an antechamber, now with an altar, and a narrow passage containing the body-slab He was laid on.

The stone over the entrance, as well as the old entrance itself, are long gone.



If the OP has heard Africa mentioned it is likely from the “Flight into Egypt” after Christ’s both when the Holy Family fled from Herod. Still known to them, but well out of Herod’s reach. Egypt is by some definitions part of the Middle East, geographically it is a transcontinental country, the bigger part of the country stretches along the Nile in North Africa while the Sinai Peninsula is in Asia.


Or there is just some confusion as to the continental geography of the region. When I visited there back in 09, someone asked the guide what continent we were on. :slight_smile:

She explained that while we were in Asia, the uniqueness of the region is that it is the one part of the world at which three continents intersect: from Jerusalem, one can walk west across the Sinai to Africa, eastward into Asia, or northwest to European Russia. I.e., the place from which the greatest part of the world is reachable.



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