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Hi Guys, I’ve been busy getting my google adwords ads going for my angels website. I’ve got it oing in every country where google is which is plenty. My ad as below will often pop up for a huge variety of searches incl. other faiths, and everything anti christian I can think of even wica, abortion, satanism, porn words and on and on. I hope it does some good. It’s getting a lot of clicks. About 350 viewers around the world tonight. I’m waiting on the upgraded site to load up. It’s better. I hope to keep improving it over time. If you see my ad don’t click on it - it costs me money when it’s clicked on. I hope the angels are paying attention and make it bear fruit. I’m sure they are.
ad is-
Angels & Spirits - myth ?

Peek at a small part of what the
Church has learned over 2,000 years


An excellent website! But the links at top don’t work. Nor do the “read more” links work. (I have popup blocker on)


Hi Guys, Can you go to this link and help me choose keywords for advertising my angels www on google thruout the world please? It lists the keywords I have and I know there’s plenty more. The idea is to get the ad in front of the right people be they catholic, atheist, satanist, witch, abortionist, other religion, scientist etc etc. Just post the words here or PM me if that’s more appropriate. I thank you for helping.:thumbsup: :slight_smile:

The countries advertised in are-
Australia (Country)
Austria (Country)
Belgium (Country)
Brazil (Country)
Canada (Country)
China (Country)
Denmark (Country)
Finland (Country)
France (Country)
Germany (Country)
Hong Kong (Territory)
Italy (Country)
Japan (Country)
Netherlands (Country)
Norway (Country)
Portugal (Country)
Singapore (Country)
South Korea (Country)
Spain (Country)
Sweden (Country)
Switzerland (Country)
Taiwan (Territory)
United Kingdom (Country)
United States (Country)


Hi, It was working a few hrs ago. I’ve paused the ads for now. I’ll wait until the upgraded site is uploaded maybe. If you guys can help me with the keywords it’s appreciated. God bless


The site is designed very nice. The only problem I had was viewing the text. It looks like blue lettering on a black background. It’s very hard to read. I would suggest a larger font and white lettering.




It is white writing except hilited bits on black background. It’s readable but I think it’s been sabotaged and needs fixing!!! Someone mustn’t like it? God bless:thumbsup:


Ah, I see. I know what you mean about the sabotage. On my blog/site I put a St. Michael prayer on there to keep the meanies away :slight_smile: . It’s not there now, but I know he’s protecting it anyway.

God bless you too (and your website).



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