About non catholic baptism's and marriges


If a person gets baptized in a non-denominational church and then gets married in that church and decides to become a Catholic, will they have to be married again in the Catholic church? I’m pretty sure they would not have to be re-baptized
but what about marriage. Thank you!


Baptism is valid no matter where it is given, as long as it is “in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”. Marriage is presumed valid unless proven otherwise. Baptized Christian enter validly into Marriage unless there is some impediment to Marriage. (In other words, being non-denominational would not be a factor.) I believe the Church would “con-validate” the Marriage if they converted…but I’m not sure if this is always necessary.


Assuming the marriage is valid (see below), there would be no need to do anything about it if either or both parties became Catholic.

A couple of big questions to determine if the marriage is valid: Is this the first marriage for both parties? Were either of the spouses baptized Catholics?

If either partner has been married before, the prior marriage would need to be examined. If either party was baptized Catholic – even if not practicing at the time of the marriage – he or she was subject to Catholic marriage laws.

But assuming this is the first marriage and neither party was Catholic, then nothing more would need to be done.

AHS – there is no need and no ability to convalidate a valid marriage.


If they are in a valid marriage, no.

If they are in an invalid marriage, then it depends.


This is not correct.

Convalidation is new exchange of consent to make an invalid marriage valid. If they are already validly married in the non-denominational ecclesial community, they absolutely do not ‘convalidate’ their marriage. It is not *possible *to convalidate a valid marriage.


While a valid marriage outside of the Church would not (indeed could not) require the couple to remarry or convalidate, they can receive the nuptial blessing. This should not be confused with getting the marriage “blessed”, which is often code for convalidated.


To be honest I did not really understand any of these answers. I wish you would go into more detail. I’m not the most educated person on earth. LOL!


If this was the first marriage for both and both were non-Catholic, then no, they would not have to be married again in the Catholic Church because their marriage is already considered valid.

Any variation from the above scenario (for example: one was previously married and divorced, or one was Catholic at the time of the wedding, etc.) could change the answer.

As for the Baptism, it would depend on whether or not it was done “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” while the person was being immersed or water was being poured on him/her.


Thank you. now I understand. Bless you!


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