About Offering masses to the non related dead people


Hi CA,

I would like to offer masses to people whom i saw dead brutally on the newspaper through church mass offerings. May I know, is it ok for me to do so? Kindy advice. TQ


Before the Mass starts ask the priest to mention this during the Mass. Our priests sometimes mentions such cases like the killings in Syria or Egypt or about persecuted peoples elsewhere, or a disaster in some part of the globe.

I sometimes place the names of people who have just died at work (I work in aged care) in the 'prayer intentions' book so that the priest can include them during Mass.


I personally don't think there would be any problem, since Masses for 'The Holy Souls'/Those in Purgatory, are commonly offered. Also, Jesus said nothing about only loving 'your neighbour' while they are alive.


Most certainly it is OK. We do not need to know a person to have a Mass offered on their behalf. It is a charitable deed.


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