About prayer and the vital role the Living Spirit of Holy Love plays in it


My dear friends
We are incapable of prayer. But we must pray to live. For prayer brings the sustenance our souls need to live which is the love of God in grace. The soul that ceases to pray withers up and dies.
God in His infinite goodness gives us His Living Spirit of Love to enable us to pray though. The Living Spirit of Love groans deep within us and this groaning is what calls us to prayer , and enable us to pray. We should be ever grateful for this inestimable great gift God gives us of His infinite and eternal Living Spirit of Holy Love.
We are so completely incapable of prayer that God must pray in us and through us to Himself.
Let us be ever grateful to this great blessing and help God gives us in His Living Spirit of Holy Love which enables us to live.
We should be ever attentive to this Living Spirit of Holy Love whose groaning come from so deep within us we can easily fail to hear His call to prayer. It is the Living Spirit of Holy Love , the Great Unknown, who is the sanctifier of our souls. If we are to become saints it is He who will accomplish this work within us by increasing our love. This Spirit is Living Love so if ever we feel unloved we should go inside ourselves and speak to One who loves us infinitely.
Let us implore the Spouse of this Living Spirit of Holy Love and ask Her to pray to Him to fill us with His gifts and Fruits and ever increase our Holy Desires and Love for God and all His creation.
Holy Mary, our Blessed Mother, and Spouse of the Living Spirit of Holy Love, pray for us. Amen.
Hope you like it.
God bless you all:thumbsup::slight_smile:
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Dear Sherrie

Thank you. I see you’ve surpassed day 150 with your prayer apostolate here. Congrats on that, The next milestone is 200. Keep it up. I’m still praying for your intentions.

God bless you and keep you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


John, would you mind expanding on this part… a bit further? I don’t understand how or why God would pray to Himself. :shrug:

Maybe this is silly… but it made me feel kind of sorry for God! :o That He would pray to Himself. I guess I’m thinking in terms of how lonely I would be, if I had to talk to myself… because no one else was able to talk to me. lol. :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance, John.

God bless.


My dear friend Marie

Good point. My next theory of some thoughts on grace answers ths a bit I hope. I have to type it up. Briefly, we can do nothing good incl. prayer because of original sin, but God in His great mercy helps us in many ways incl. praying in us and through us to Himself so we can live because our soul dies if we don’t pray. We cooperate with grace which is a gift of living love from God and Gods presence in our souls but we more or less just agree and God prays in us. God is a communion of 3 persons so they never et lonely or bored. God does all the work of our salvation for us. All we do is agree and cooperate with that agreement. Isn’t God good to us.

God bless you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Thank you, John! I struggle a lot… because like poor, old St. Peter… I “think as men, and not as God.” :o Thank you for your explanation. God bless.


My dear friend Marie

If you think as men, would that all men were like you. Then the kingdom of God would finally triumph.

God bless you dear friend:thumbsup::):wink:


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