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I’m back, after 35 years, and there are so many things I have forgotten. Is is OK to pray the rosary on a rosary that isn’t blessed?? Is it OK to say the rosary in sections thru the day, or must I pray it all at once?? I’m in a very odd situation in my life. I can’t openly “be Catholic” so I’m doing the best I can. I carry a string with 10 knots for the Hail Marys and a knot on the end for the Our Father in my pocket. I do have one rosary that is blessed and I try to use it whenever I can. I have 2 other that I have made from kits but aren’t blessed. I am trying to have a rosary in all the rooms I use during the day so I can stop using the “string with knots”!! My contact with a priest or other Catholics is non-existant at this time, so I must rely on the forums for a lot of my answers!!


The Deacon who instructed me in the Faith said that it is perfectly all right to pray the Rosary a decade at a time. He said there were a lot of people who said they did not have time or “got bored” – and that Our Lady would rather have you pray it one decade at a time than not pray it at all.

The other answers I don’t know as I am a new Catholic. God bless you.


How wonderful it is for you to pray the Rosary. Yes, it is ok to pray the Rosary on Rosary that is not blessed. Sometimes, I forgot my Rosary at home, I use my finger too. I remembered when I was kid, I make a rosary out of a rubberband. :slight_smile: You can also pray the rosary throughout the day and you can pray while waiting in line at a supermarket, at a stop sign, walking, etc …

It is very wonderful and blessing to pray the Rosary for ourselves and for all.



First, welcome home!

Now, to answer your questions: yes, it is okay to pray on an unblessed rosary. I did it for several months until I finally had a chance to have a priest bless it. You might also consider looking into purchasing a “rosary ring,” which is fairly inconspicuous. I have been known to pray the rosary using the digits on my fingers. For example: Our Father on the thumb, 3 Aves on the index, middle and ring finger then one Ave on the little finger. Works out well, and no one has any day you’re praying the rosary.

God bless!


Dear “sistermouse”… First, I’d like to say WELCOME HOME! :hug1:

The fact that you must conceal your faith, for now… is sad. I pray that this situation will ease for you.

There have been times… when I found myself without my Rosary beads (I usually carry them with me)… where I have actually used my 10 FINGERS! lol. :rotfl: And it occurred to me… that for those of us, blessed to have 10 fingers… we have a “built in” Rosary!

Keep it in mind. It might come in handy (no pun intended) :wink: God bless you. You are in my prayers.


A decade at a time? Sometimes I can only say it one or two Hail Marys at a time! I still am happy to do so - it’s got to be much better to pray, even S-L-O-W-L-Y, than not.


The important part about praying the Rosary is, simply, to just pray the Rosary.


Fr. Corapi says Just Do It! :smiley:


I read once (somewhere) that a priest who was in prison for the faith, I believe somewhere in Asia, used matches from a matchbook to say the rosary. That way the guards didn’t even know he was praying, they just thought he was crazy, staring at matches.


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