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when you read the references in the bible, it refers to Q. What is Q and where am i to find it? first time on the forum. gos bless


It has been postulated by some scholars that a document called Q was the source of the gospels. The existence of Q was never proven, it is just a theory. There are some who speculate that The Gospel of Thomas was Q.

If you go to the Beliefnet discussion panel on the search for the historical Jesus you will find several references to Q.


Hi Jacques,

Specifically, Q refers to a document believed to have been used by Matthew and Luke. Biblical scholars know fairly certainly that Mark’s Gospel was written first. Matthew and Luke use some of the same stories that Mark did, and they also both use some that Mark did not. Some of the ones they use that Mark did not are believed to have come from the Q source. It’s because these 3 Gospels are so similar that they are called synoptic.

It’s been a couple of years since I learned this—can’t remember if the Q possibly refers to the community at Qumran??? Anyone know?

Brenda M.


“Q” refers to the German word “quelle” - meaning “source.” Q has been posited, in the aforementioned theory, as a source document on which the synoptics were based, then enhanced wit the viewpoint and linguistic proclvities of the writer.

Some one of the earliet posters said “Q” was mentioned in the Bible. It is not.


[quote=BrendaM] It’s because these 3 Gospels are so similar that they are called synoptic.

They are not called synoptic because they are similar. They are called synoptic because the story they tell is a synopsis of the life and ministrt of Jesus. The Gospel of John doesn’t really do that - it is more of a theologocal treatise. Hence it is not included as a synoptic.


The hypothetical document “q” doesn’t neccessarily need to be a problem. But now there various versions of this supposed source. People like the “Jesus Seminar” postulate a Q that was written in 4 layers in which Jesus was written of in level 1 as some sort of teacher, evolving all the way to level 4 where he is God. How hypothetical can you get? This is a seriously bold move to come up with something as screwy as this- to invent a four layer evolving document to fix a synoptic problem that they also invented- to prove Jesus was who they want him to be. And this is professional scholarship. Sounds to me like JEPD in overdrive!


I detect some John Dominic Crossan in the above post.


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