About RCIA

I do not need to complete the course but might sign up this year.

What do other Catholics say about RCIA? . . .

Can you be a little more specific? What would you “sign up” for? That would help me to know how to respond.

The only benefit I would get from RCIA is the certificate. Do you get one if you complete the course?

RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, the process by which unbaptized persons who wish to become Catholics of the Latin Church are catechized and at the Easter Vigil are Baptized, Confirmed and receive first Holy Eucharist. Christians who were validly Baptized in another Christian community may spend time in the catechetical process before they are deemed ready to be received into the Catholic Church. They make a profession of faith normally in a Sunday Mass, and then are Confirmed and receive Holy Eucharist.

Are you Catholic now or are you not Catholic and desire to come in to the Church?

I completed only 2.5 classes of RCIA before coming into the Church. I was very sick that year as well as completing 25 hrs of semester credits at University.

I struggled for several years in my faith due to this. My advice if you want to learn more about the Catholic faith or strengthen your faith, then by all means sign up for RCIA.

I however perfer to learn things on my own and work best one on one. I believe this is why the Bishop of the diocese where I entered into the Roman Catholic Church gave me dispensation from having to go through RCIA as well as my personal illness and University obligations.

However looking back, I sometimes wish that I had gone through RCIA.

God bless.

If you’re already baptized and chrismated, then simply ask the pastor to go over some basics about Catholicism with you. If he sees you know enough to honestly make a profession of faith he’ll have you make one and you should be good to go. There is no need for you to go through RCIA if you’ve already received the initiation sacraments.

You may not understand what RCIA is: It is full presentation, instruction of everything basic Catholic. Those who find The Church discover it to be the most Ideal, Idealistic big organization on Earth. [LIST] Those in our Large Parish say frequently Becoming Catholic has been the biggest, most ideal event in their life, 3 even saying even greater than Marriage, or first child.

Not correct. The Pastor decides if you are qualified and Know Enough of the Catholic Church essentials to be Full Catholic. I have a friend who was baptized, raised in another faith. [LIST] The Pastor and the Individual each decide. Each asks the other; The Applicant completes a registration form to begin the beautiful process; takes a few minutes. The registration is a simple overview for the Pastor.
[/LIST] If one has been in a faith that is somewhat similar to Catholic, the Pastor may go through some basics or ask you to take some of the classes. God Bless

The Catholic Church is not one in which one only learn things on one’s own; it is very rare for a Bishop to issue such dispensation. 1800 years ago, Catechumens were not even allowed to stay for The Consecration until they become full Catholic. [LIST] The main point is to know, not misunderstand the Essentials. 1 Timothy 3:15 states Where Truth Is on Earth: In the ‘Church Elders’ (Aposteles them, The Church now.) Nothing in the Bible says that The Bible is the Authority, a Very major problem.
[/LIST] The Authority on Catholic Truth is the Church, especially viewpoints, Moral Issues: Abortion is not justifiable; it Is killing, cruelly, a begining Human. The Church has also found to have the greatest Wisdoms and solutions to problems; Infertility: One MD has the Most effective and morally just means. All in the Big Tent of Catholicism Morality.


Why do you wish to go to RCIA ? Are you intending to convert to Catholicism ?

RCIA can help you learn more about our faith and the Catholic Church. It is a good course for anyone to take. There is no pressure to join the church, but if the Lord leads you there, great, we would love to have you.

RCIA is not Just another Course; quite the opposite. It is discovering the numerous surprises of the Catholic Culture, Teachings, Sacraments, everything. Each Mass is Living History of the Lord’s Last Supper, Again done by Him through the Priest. [LIST]
*]Now, am rediscovering the enormous Vitality and Cultures and fiery enthusiasm of a Million Young people at the World Youth Day from Madrid, on EWTN, EWTN.com, and another media, and perhaps Vatican media site.

Wesley, just noticed you ARE ESTERN Catholic. You Are Catholic, eastern rite. You need nothing, except maybe attend the Classes on the Roman Topics you want to learn about. Eastern Orthodox and Roman have the same beliefs, but different very old Cultures and Liturgies. [LIST] Eastern Catholic, aka Byzantione, are in Full Communion with the Vatican. But we must each Respect, abide byb the other’s Cultures. We don’t do Roman practises at Easten Divine Liturgy, no Eastern practices at Roman Mass.
[/LIST] [LIST] [SIGN] Sorry we misunderstood, Eastern brother in Christ. Nothing required by you, nor any certificate. We are the two Lungs of the Same Church, Great enthusiasm you have to learn some details of Roman practise; Best to just take a few classes to learn the Roman rites. Peace![/SIGN]

I already began the process of study and inquiry into the Catholic faith many years ago.

And on top of that I completed the instruction course from an Orthodox priest.

Then you have to attend RCIA to be accepted into the Catholic Church, unless you can find a priest that will waive that.

RCIA is not like attending a college course on Catholicism. It’s purpose is assist adults in entering the Catholic Church and to prepare them to receive the sacraments. Since everyone is at their own pace, I don’t know of any program that presents a certificate of completion, because in a sense the end is only the begining. You are most welcome to attend of course, but if you are looking for a structured, classroom instruction style program, that may not be what you get.

You were Chrismated in the Orthodox Church? Which Orthodox Church were you received into?

And do you now want to become Catholic?

The Antiochian Archdiocese. I could also attend OCA and ROCOR liturgy.

And do you now want to become Catholic?

Depends, I’m still discerning on whether to be Orthodox or Catholic.

So some time in the past you were received into Holy Orthodoxy by Chrismation in a Church of the Antiochian Archdiocese.
Is that correct?

And now you are considering leaving Orthodoxy and coming into full communion with the Catholic Church.
Is that correct?

If both of those are true and you want to come into full communion with the Catholic Church then you would approach a Catholic parish priest with your request. You would come into full communion with the Catholic Church by the Holy Mysteries of Penance and Holy Communion. That can happen in a Latin Church or an Eastern or Oriental Catholic Church. Wherever it happens it would be noted in the parish record that you are coming in as an Eastern Catholic. You would not be a member of the Latin Church although you can freely worship in any Catholic Church and receive the Holy Mysteries other than marriage and holy orders in any Eastern or Oriental Catholic Church or Latin Church with no special permissions.

Then you would be a member of the Catholic Church. You would no longer be an Orthodox Christian and you would no longer be able to receive the Holy Mysteries of an Orthodox Church, with some exceptions which you will see posted by folks like Alexander Roman, ciero, Aramis and others in the EC Section.

What is it that causes you to want to leave Holy Orthodoxy and come into the Catholic Church? Have you discussed this with your priest?

I’m not sure why you have posted this thread here in the Traditional Catholicism Section. It seems like it belongs in the EC Section. :shrug:

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