About SCRUBS series 1

DH and I are working our way through scrubs on DVD. Totally stupid question, but is the starting sequence always the same, or is there a different order? Does anybody know what I’m talking about? I hoped to slow-play the dvd so I could see, but DH thinks this is desperately sad.Its the bit where all the cast kind of morph into each other and pass a clipboard around. Bear in mind I am talking about series 1.Help. I am nuts!

I thought it was in the same order, but I haven’t watched that carefully. The chest X-ray is backwards though.

It’s always the same, except one episode in the 5th season where a new love interest for JD is brought it. That is the only one of the whole series that is different.

I heart Scrubs.

I am a Scrubs addict…mostly because I am a clone of JD.

Anywho, the opening sequence has had a few tweaks. At one point they tried an extended opening but that only lasted a few episodes. And there is one opening sequence where JD’s new lady, Kim, turns the x-ray around and says something to the effect of “that’s been bothering me for…”

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