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I have some questions:
1-If there is a grave sin which i think i committed in the past but i don’t remember for sure if i did it or not,is that a mortal sin?
2-If there is a sin that i know i committed in the past but i don’t remember the exact circumstamces and i don’t remember if i did it with full consciousness of the gravity or full consent,is that a mortal sin?
There are stuff that i am not 100% sure that i did or if i did on purpose and its making me crazy,i am having an internal argument with myself “you did it” “no i didnt” “you are guilty” i am not i dont know if i did it or not" and so on.
Please help me with that.
Thank you and God bless you all.


Suggest that you go to confession and discuss with the priest.


This. Any sin that you have forgotten to mention is forgiven in confession, but mortal ones that you remember later should be mentioned next time. But when it comes to things you’re not sure about, the answer differs for scrupulous and non-scrupulous people and on the act. And the judgement of which category you fall into should be made by your confessor.

Basically, talk to your priest and do what he says.


Thank you for your answers,but i think i didn’t express myself very well.I’ll try to make it more simple.Examples:
I don’t remember if i committed X sin.Will that count as a mortal sin?
I committed X sin but i don’t remember 100% the exact circumstances(i don’t remember if i did it on purpose).Will that count as a mortal sin?
I am sorry if i didn’t give very good examples.
Let’s see if someone else may help with that.
Thank you and God bless you all.



Here’s the thing: if you go to confession, and confess these – of course, you’d mention the circumstances, and the I-don’t-know’s! – then it no longer really matters if they’re mortal or venial. They’ll just be ‘forgiven’! :wink:

So, yeah: just go to your priest in confession, and all will be well.


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