About that 500 year "celebration" of the Reformation


I wrote to my Bishop and he said that “it would be inaccurate to say that we have celebrated this anniversary.”

He said, “instead, we have sought to commemorate and reflect upon a milestone of an event of great gravity in the history of the Church”.

So, coupled with the fact that the stamp with Luther’s image is titled, “the penitent Luther” and does not depict his face with a triumphal smile, as some articles had suggested. But his back and him on his knees along with Melancthon, both asking forgiveness of the crucified Christ.

With those things in mind, I can understand and accept what the Church is doing. I no longer see it as somehow capitulating to Protestants.


The impression the Vatican gave to Protestants I’m sure was very different than your nuanced understanding.


Just remember how hard Pope Francis tries to unite all Christians… Let’s help him (and our Lord Jesus Christ) to unite His church…


It was very good of your bishop to address your concerns.


Yes, it is very nice to see a Bishop who responds to the needs and questions of his flock.


Yep! He signed it with his own hand.


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