About the bible books


Who wrote the first bible, or the books concerning God.


The Church teaches that the books of the Bible were written by men and women inspired by The Holy Spirit.


Moses was supposed to be the author of the first five books of the OT… orally tradition???


were there women who wrote the books of the Bible?


There were books about women: Ruth and Esther, but none written by women. Women didn’t read or write. They listened to the Scriptures in the Synagogues and Assemblies, and so were familiar with them, but none wrote any of the books of the Bible–that we know of. :slight_smile:


Hi, Paul!

…though there’s a book titled Ruth, I can’t recall the Church Teaching that any of the books of the Bible were authored by females.

Could you cite the source?

Maran atha!



Moses, at least that’s the traditional view.


Not that you do not well know this. Judith! A foreshadowing, a ‘type’ of Mary, God’s chosen instrument through whom Israel was saved when she struck the head of the enemy. Sounds vaguely familiar…

Judith 13:18-20 And Uzzi′ah said to her, “O daughter, you are blessed by the Most High God above all women on earth; and blessed be the Lord God, who created the heavens and the earth, who has guided you to strike the head of the leader of our enemies. Your hope will never depart from the hearts of men, as they remember the power of God. May God grant this to be a perpetual honor to you, and may he visit you with blessings, because you did not spare your own life when our nation was brought low, but have avenged our ruin, walking in the straight path before our God.” And all the people said, “So be it, so be it!”

A marvelous book of a strong and very beautiful woman who accomplished what the men of Israel could not.


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