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pls who knows how many offices the Dominican friars pray in a day and also how many decades of the rosary they are to pray in a day especially those in formation.

They pray the whole Office (usually only one Prayer During the Day). How many of the Offices will be in common and how many said privately varies from province to province, and from priory to priory. Friars in initial formation usually have a more structured horarium than those who are already ordained and in ministry, i.e. more offices in common.

Friars are bound to say 5 decades of the Rosary a day. Again, how often this will be recited publicly and how often said privately will depend on the local decisions. Normally it will be private.

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I was under the impression that Dominicans were priests (Order of Preachers and all that), but I’m hearing the words Dominican friars very often. Are all who are in the Order of Preachers considered friars? Or can they celebrate mass?

The Order of Preachers consists friars, nuns, sisters and laity, all of whom are preachers. the male religious are properly called the Order of FRIARS Preacher. Their primary vocation is as friars, i.e. brothers. Today, most friars are either ordained or are preparing for ordination. This was historically not always the case and it is by no means universal today; there are some Dominican brothers (called Cooperator Brothers or Lay Brothers) who are neither priests nor clerical students. The preaching mission of the Order is not solely carried out by priests, it is not only preaching sermons.

Bottom line: all Dominican priests are friars*, but not all Dominican friars are priests.

*Except priests from Dominica, some but not all of whom belong to the Order of Friars Preacher :slight_smile:

An off-topic side note – the same is true of the Discalced Carmelites.

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dat means they pray 5 times the office of hours and do u also knw when they do pray the office of readings and do they chant coz I like it wen its chanted and its more uplifting and inspiring

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