About the morality of the use of a certain webpage


My concern here is, as the title says, about the morality of the use of one webpage, which is called Los Movies. It allows the viewer to watch online movies, shows and other stuff for free. Moreover, it´s completely legal, showing itself on the first page of results in any Google search.
The main interest within the above mentioned concern is to know whether or not the use of this site is morally acceptable according to the teaching of the Catholic Church.
Thank you (in advance) and may God bless you.


If they have the rights to stream the movie, I don’t think there’d be any issues, unless you’re watching a movie you oughtn’t be.

However, looking at that website, there’s no way they have permission to show those movies for free, or even for a membership. They have movies that are still in theaters. No company is going to let a streaming service stream their movies that are currently in theaters. I would stop using this site, as it appears to be streaming these movies illegally. Watching them would be breaking the law, and since the law is just, it would be a sin.


Any site that claims to be free, but needs a credit card anyway is fishy at best.

Free? No ads? But gimme your card :slight_smile:

Good luck with that man.


This website is a link aggregator which is TECHNICALLY legal—only because the website isn’t hosting the films—but which itself is a means to steal movies.

Netflix costs like 9 bucks. Don’t steal.


:smiley: LOL. Guaranteed your computer will be infected with more malware than you can shake a stick at, should you decide to mess with that site. Or any of the countless thousands of others exactly like it. Seriously, Netflix is only like eight dollars a month… :rolleyes:



Hulu is also only seven or eight a month, and they have a massive selection of television shows and movies.


Thank you. I knew there was something fishy about it. I won´t use it again. Maybe my sister will get Netflix soon -she lives with me-, I can´t afford it.
I have another question. There are lots of movies available on Youtube (most of them are old). Is it O.K. to watch them?
God bless you.



Because the advertising money goes to the copyright holder


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