About those Early Christians...are you following them?


I am addressing my fellow Catholics and those here of other Christian faiths.
*]I would like input in regard to what you think the early Apostles did and who exactly was it that followed them.
*]Whom do you follow? The Apostles or something founded 15 centuries or so after the original Apostles? If you belong to the latter group, how can you be certain that you are doing God’s will?
*]Were the Apostles from God? If so, how can you be certain you are following them?[/LIST]Please refer to the following quote prior to giving your opinions:

Immediate, implicit submission of the mind was, in the lifetime of the Apostles, the only, the necessary token of faith; then there was no room whatever for what is now called private judgment. No one could say: “I will choose my religion for myself, I will believe this, I will not believe that; I will pledge myself to nothing; I will believe just as long as I please, and no longer; what I believe today I will reject tomorrow, if I choose. I will believe what the Apostles have as yet said, but I will not believe what they shall say in time to come.” No; either the Apostles were from God, or they were not; if they were, everything that they preached was to be believed by their hearers; if they were not, there was nothing for their hearers to believe. To believe a little, to believe more or less, was impossible; it contradicted the very notion of believing: if one part was to be believed, every part was to be believed; it was an absurdity to believe one thing and not another; for the word of the Apostles, which made the one true, made the other true too; they were nothing in themselves, they were all things, they were an infallible authority, as coming from God. The world had either to become Christian, or to let it alone; there was no room for private tastes and fancies, no room for private judgment.

(emphasis mine)

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Anyone claim to follow the Apostles?:confused:


George Fox, the founder fo the Society of Friends when asked if the Friends were “apostolic” said that Friends “live in that virture of life and power which the apostles lived in.”…so does that count:)


I do not know much of the teachings and foundational beliefs of the Society of Friends, so I will respond with another question;). Beyond simplicity of life, love for all mankind, sharing of all things, etc., what makes you a follower of the Apostles?
*]If you strictly go by only what is written in the Bible, how can you be a follower of the Apostles as they did not yet have the New Testament?[/LIST]

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