About those unthinking,backward, Catholics

"Back in 2008, in the weeks leading up to the Obama-McCain presidential election, two young men visited me in Denver. They were from Catholics United, a group describing itself as committed to social-justice issues. They voiced great concern at the manipulative skill of Catholic agents for the Republican Party. And they hoped my brother bishops and I would resist identifying the Church with single-issue and partisan (read: abortion) politics.

It was an interesting experience. Both men were obvious flacks for the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party — creatures of a political machine, not men of the Church; less concerned with Catholic teaching than with its influence." --Archbishop Charles Chaput, writing in the Natl Catholic Register

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About those unthinking, backward, Catholics…

Well written.

I thought the most enlightening (and frightening) excerpt of the article was …

The cultural damage done by the current White House has — apparently — made courting America’s bishops unnecessary.

But bad can always get worse. I’m thinking, of course, of the contemptuously anti-Catholic emails exchanged among members of the Clinton Democratic presidential campaign team and released this week by WikiLeaks.

A sample: Sandy Newman, president of Voices for Progress, emailed John Podesta, now the head of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to ask about whether “the bishops opposing contraceptive coverage” could be the tinder for a revolution. “There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages [sic] dictatorship,” Newman writes.

– Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput, October 13, 2016 NCRegister

In my personal life I’ve had several “fellow Catholics” who try to convert me to their “don’t be a one issue voter …” brand of Catholic voter orthodoxy (i.e. - you don’t have to VOTE pro-life just because you ARE pro-life … here are some justifications for not doing so … and in fact voting for THIS (“pro-choice”) party or candidate … like I’M going to do). :shrug:

My favorite one to respond to is “… it doesn’t matter, they’re all the same …” – at which point I suggest voting for the pro-life option then … often to their confusion. :confused::eek:

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