About Vocations and choice

“mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.” Jude 1:2

As humans,we’re given freedom. We have the freedom to pick what clothes wear,what foods we eat and what shows we watch and which friends we have.

Also,in a way(there are outside factors) we pick our careers and occupations. People choose to be firefighters,police,teachers,business people,bankers and so forth.

In a way,are vocations like that.

For example,you’re a child who goes inside a candy shop-you have choices.

In a way,don’t we have such choices in life? Such as ministries like whether to help the elderly,or youth or the poor. As well as statuses in such as consecrated life,the priesthood,or marriage.

Or does a vocation more like this? You enter the candy shop with your Father and instead he tells you-“You can get a Reese” and you can decide whether or not to get the Reese(because God doesn’t force himself on us).

Have a great week. God Bless and Pax Christ.

Interesting question. Yes, we get to choose, but the Church as an instrument of God, also has a choice. I know in the diaconate, when you seek to become a permanent deacon, both yourself AND the church have to agree to this, or the process does not move forward. Maybe that is overly simplified, but I think it is illustrative or your question.

My question though is why do you ask this? Do you feel something is being forced on you or is there something else that you are pondering?

YBIC - John

My question though is why do you ask this? Do you feel something is being forced on you or is there something else that you are pondering?

To be honest,I got the analogy and then I made the post. :o

It’s a free choice, yes, but the word vocation means “calling.”

The angel gave Mary a choice - she was free to say no. In fact, she was 100% free because she was without stain of sin, so she could make a completely free choice. Her will was entirely directed towards God, so she naturally, chose God’s will. The most important words ever spoken was Mary’s fiat.

But it was Mary who was called to that vocation - no one else. God prepared her and her alone to be the Mother of Christ.

Likewise, we are called to a particular vocation or not. We are free to answer that calling or not.

I believe a calling is something you feel drawn to. From what I’ve experienced, it is not an infatuation or a new or passing fad, but an attraction that keeps coming back on the long term. But people can have many romantic fantasies about their lives, that do not come from God. So in a sense your vocation in something that you are drawn to, but you should not everything that glitters is the real gold. So I would say, discern before you just ‘pick’ your vocation.

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