ABp. Dolan's Installation Mass?

What a gorgeous liturgy. ABp. Dolan sure seems like a wonderful man. He sorta looks like the late Cardinal Spellman when he is wearing his mitre. I hope he brings Catholicism back to the forefront in NYC.

I LOVED hearing the brass and tympani! I’ll laugh and remember this liturgy the next time someone erroneously claims drums have no place in the Mass.

5-6 times I thought “when is Fr. Neuhaus going to comment on what is being broadcast right now?” Then reality sunk in. It was sure nice to hear the Archbishop mention the late Father in his homily though.

It was truly INSPIRING!

We need more brave men and women like Archbishop Dolan to serve Jesus and his flock!!!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


He certainly is a very refreshing presence. Although an archbishop and a serious intellectual he seems like the sorta guy that enjoys getting debating the merits of the Packers and the Giants over a nice steak and a cold Bud or two.

I think he is going to re-kindle the spirit of NYC which is resoundingly Catholics deep down.

He had a HUGE impact here in Milwaukee. He not only had the respect of Catholics but many secular people in the news media and government as well. He is very approachable and has a great sense of humility and humor. The people in New York are going to love him! Many people were touched by the archbishop and were sad to see him go.:slight_smile:

Plus, he’s from St. Louis, MO, so you know he’s a good guy! :wink:


That probably means I’ right about him enjoying Bud too. I hope someone takes him to
Mc Sorleys for a pint of real beer.

But at least he is probably a baseball Cardinal fan. :slight_smile:


It can be watched on-demand at:


We love him already!

From the looks of the news conference he held the morning of his installation, he already has the New York news media wrapped around his little finger. That is going to be so important. We are so tired of the Church-bashing in our secular press.

That homily was wonderful too.

I really like the new ABp. of New York. I had secretly hoped that he would be named the next ABp. of Los Angeles but I think he can do even more for the Church in NYC.

I appreciated the obvious orthodoxy of the Mass but most of all I appreciated the balance of the Mass. His french cuffs/cassock/lace alb were a nice counterpoint to his somewhat more avant garde chasuble. I liked that he addressed and joked with his Mom during his homily. I’m glad he asked about Fr. Benedict Groeschel during the lavabo. I like that he wasn’t hidden behind the "Benedict-cross/candlestick arrangement yet his focus was exactly where it should have been.

I loved hearing the brass and the timpani of the orchestra! Who says drums don’t have a place in the Mass! Absolutely sublime. The choir was great and the hymn selection quite nice. It had absolutely none of the overly-pompous qualities of some Masses yet it was still extremely formal and reverent.

Go get 'um Bp. Tim!

There is a world of difference between the use of percussion instruments as part of the music in the installation Mass of Abp. Dolan, and the deafening pounding of “jungle drums” so often heard in our churches in the past forty years.

How very true! Yet same rather ignorant souls will preach until they are blue in the face that NO drum has a place in the Mass based on their reading of Church documents.

Milwaukee gave ABp Dolan a really nice send off. .:sad_bye: He seemed very nice and personable. He was always positive and upbeat. I know he did a lot with the priest scandal and victims affected by it in Milwaukee and was making nice progress. He also did a nice job cleaning up the mess and scandal caused by our previous ABp Weakland. NYC is lucky to get him. NYC better take care of him or Milwaukee will steal him back!! :smiley:

Best of luck ABp. Dolan! :clapping:

One should not be too quick to downgrade the manner in which the Holy Father celebrates Mass. It would help those who criticize the Holy Father to either avail themselves of the books that he has written about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass or read his homilies.

The celebrant should not be the main focus of the Mass. According to Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, the secretary to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments (whom I was privileged to here when I was in St. Louis):

Let us face it, all of us priests, bishops, and even cardinals, are human beings and so the temptation to place ourselves at the center makes us feel good — what I call “ego pampering”.

None of us is exempt from this, and now with the Missa versus populum [Mass facing the people], that danger is even greater. Facing the people increases chances of dis-attention and distraction from what we do at the altar, and the temptation for showmanship. In a beautiful article written by a German author, the following comments were made on the subject:

While in the past, the priest functioned as the anonymous go-between, the first among the faithful, facing God and not the people, representative of all and together with them offering the sacrifice … today he is a distinct person, with personal characteristics, his personal life style, his face turned towards the people. For many priests this change is a temptation they cannot handle … to them, the level of success in their performance is a measure of their personal power and thus the indicator of their feeling of personal security and self assurance.

(K.G. Rey, Pubertaetserscheinungen in der Katholischen Kirche [Signs of Puberty in the Catholic Church] Kritische Texte, Benzinger, Vol 4, p. 25).

The priest here, as we can see, becomes the main actor playing out a drama with other actors on a platform- like place, and the more creative and dramatic they become, the more they feel a sense of ego satisfaction. But, where can Christ be in all of this?

This is not to say that Archbishop Dolan was doing that. Yes, his focus was on the Holy Sacrifice. Furthermore, he strove to provide a proper example as to how the Mass should be celebrated. As Archbishop Ranjith rightly observed:

Besides, as Sacramentum Caritatis indicates, bishops have to be not only the guides of their community in this matter, but also personally examples of the dignified celebration of the liturgy, especially in their own cathedrals (cf. Sac. Car. 39).

Every bishop should long for the day when he could see in his priests truly holy men, loving the Lord so much that they cannot wait a moment longer to celebrate their next Holy Mass for they wish to be the alter Christus to their people — offering themselves up for their salvation.

However, to denigrate what the Holy Father is doing is to not fully understand the reason behind it. Furthermore, regarding the issue of drums, one of the previous posters had the right observation. As mystified noted:

There is a world of difference between the use of percussion instruments as part of the music in the installation Mass of Abp. Dolan, and the deafening pounding of “jungle drums” so often heard in our churches in the past forty years.

There is also a huge difference between the percussion used at the Archbishop’s installation Mass and a full drum kit akin to what one would hear at a rock concert.

I remember when some priests of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee formally questioned the need/wisdom of priestly celibacy. He handled the matter superbly and thoroughly. He really seems to be quite a guy.

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