Abraham and Sarah


What would you say to someone (a Catholic) who claimed that the ages given in the Bible for Abraham and Sarah when God announced the birth of Isaac should be ‘taken with a pinch of salt’, and merely mean that they were quite old? I just can’t see any reason to think that the words of God here are not meant to be taken literally.


God does perform miracles, the most awesome being His Glorious Resurrection.

And here is what happened when Zechariah did not trust what the angel Gabriel announced to him:

When Elizabeth’s husband Zechariah was in the sanctuary, he was told by the angel that Elizabeth his wife shall bear a son and that Zechariah shall name him John. Zechariah responded that he was an old man and that his wife also was advanced in age. Because Zechariah did not trust the angel Gabriel’s words he became mute till those things took place.


You can say “You may be right, but I prefer to take them literally.” It’s not dogma, so it’s really nothing to argue over.


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