Abraham vs Divine Mercy Chaplet


In Chapter 18 of Genesis we read where Abraham pleads for Mercy to save the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah wherein he continues to lower the baseline of acceptance by GOD in hope of securing HIS Mercy. Beginning with verse 24; “Suppose there are 50 innocent people…” and continuing through verse 32; “Please . . . What if there at least 10 there?” However, in Chapter 19 we read of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah verifying that there were not 10 innocent people between those two cities. And in fact, Lot’s wife is destroyed, after escaping by turning back to look upon the cities of sin, Chapter 19 verse 26 - which parallels JESUS statement that you have sinned by desiring the sin, without committing the sin - paraphrase, but for a different discussion.

Abrahams plea for Mercy failed as it relied upon the innocence of “humanity”, and by original sin, we are inclined toward sin. We must struggle daily and constantly with the prayer of “St. Michael” constantly upon our lips to overcome the “…the temptations and snares of the devil” to recover our innocence.

The Divine Mercy Chaplet does not rely upon “humanity”, but upon JESUS, the Second Person of the TRINITY. Sinless and without blemish. “Eternal FATHER. . . the BODY and BLOOD …” In offering JESUS to HIS FATHER, GOD’s Mercy cannot be diminished or weighed against anything which is lacking, as we are pleading with GOD to grant us the Mercy of HIS SON, who has already given us the awesome Mercy of HIS Passion. And where Abraham approached GOD from Abrahams humanity, in the Divine Mercy Chaplet we approach GOD in the prayer which GOD HIMSELF has given to us, as HE gave us the Our Father prayer.
GOD the FATHER cannot but give us the Mercy HE has asked us to seek through the Divine Mercy Chaplet, which is based upon the Merciful Passion of HIS SON our LORD, JESUS CHRIST. And in teaching St. Faustina the depth and merits of the prayer, JESUS requested St. Faustina seek HIS Mercy for the relief of terrible storms and other events in her life, validating that HIS Mercy covers all the moments of our lives.

Learn the Divine Mercy Chaplet and pray it frequently. JESUS wants to grant us HIS Mercy.


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