Abraham's Bosom, the Saints, and Intercession in Eastern Orthodoxy

The Eastern Orthodox church maintains the belief in Abraham’s bosom, which is a belief I consider to be Biblical coherent and supported by a number of Early Church fathers. However, what are some of the dogmatic or otherwise popular theological beliefs in the EO about Abraham’s Bosom? I understand that the EO petition for the intercession of the saints as the RC do, but I’m curious as to how this relates to the EO belief in AB. Perhaps my understanding of AB is lacking, but I am ignorant to EO’s way of expounding on this belief. Are the saints aware in AB?

There’s an interesting article here, though it is rooted on Catholic theology.

By the way, with regards to the intercession of the saints, this has been part of Christian belief ever since the very old days, in what is called the communion of saints (mind you, here “saint” is not referring to those canonized by the Church, but to all the faithful except the damned souls).

These articles were interesting, thank you for sharing them. They weren’t exactly what I was looking for, but it was pretty informative and insightful on the issue Thank you very much.

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