Absent 10+ years...new Mass?


I have returned to Mass after more than 10 years. Has the Mass changed? DO we no longer recite the Penitential Rite, or the Profession of Faith? Also, has the response to “Peace Be with You” been changed to "and with your Spirit?


There was an “update” to more accurately reflect translations.
For instance, “I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof” from "I am not worthy"
And the profession of faith is a little different.
The penitential rite also should be mainly the same, some masses I go to have had a different one without the striking of the breast, but others still have the striking of the breast.
And yes, it is now “with your spirit”.


Was it a daily Mass or Sunday Mass? That can affect the answer. There is always a penitential rite, it may just seem a little different after 10+ years. In my parish, at daily Mass, the creed is not said, but it is always said on Sunday.

Welcome back!


I attended Sunday Mass the past 2 Sundays and neither the Penitential Rite or the Creed were recited.


It was Sunday Mass, last week and today. Neither the Penitential or the Creed were recited.


There should have been both. I may be wrong but I believe both are required for Sunday and HDO’s. Maybe someone else will know exactly what the GRIM states.


They should be said. Is it at all possible you don’t recognize it? Else there may be a concern about liturgical abuse. I reccomend you contact your church (see their parish website) and tell them that you haven’t been in 10 years and think they’re missing the penitential rite and the profession of faith.
(Of course go to confession prior to receiving the Eucharist).


By this do you mean that the “I confess to God Almighty… etc.” (Confiteor Deo omnipotenti et vobis fratres…") was not recited?

There are actually different forms of the penitential rite that may replace the above. Perhaps that is what you heard. They are all valid. Plus the penitential rite may also be replaced by sprinkling with holy water.

I some cases and places, the Nicene Creed may be replaced by the Apostle’s Creed, or by a different profession of faith if there was a baptism.


Haha ya snooze, ya lose!
But seriously, welcome back!!!
And yes, they revised some of the language a few years ago for a more precise translation, I think.
You’ll get used to it :innocent:


This is actually a revert to the mid-60s language I remember from when I was a preschooler. I could not understand why it was discussing the Lord entering “under our roof” when He was actually entering into people 's mouths, not a building. I finally decided it must mean the roof of your mouth. Then they changed it to “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you.” Then a few decades later they changed it back. Drives me nuts.


The more you know.
Haha, kids. When you don’t know the Scriptural foundation for things it can get weird.
I remember I tried multiple times as a kid to read the Bible but it was just so difficult.
I remember specifically hearing something like describing the thing the lame man was on as a couch or some other thing for which the word has changed. I thought the poor guy had to lug a sofa all the way back after getting healed! Haha


Yes, I mean the “I confess…” I am aware of the different versions as well as the Nicene and Apostle’s Creeds. Neither were said, nor was there a sprinkling of Holy water. I went 2 Sundays and no version of Penitential or Creed were said. I know that language is often replaced and changed, but I thought the actual parts of the Mass remained constant.


That’s bizarre. Those two things are still part of Mass. I was gone for years too and experienced the weird new language and weird new version of Readings on my return, but the parts of the Mass are all still present and haven’t changed, nor can the priest just decide to leave out the Penitential Rite (unless replaced with the Holy water sprinkling) or the Creed. Maybe try another church?


That is strange. Maybe make an appointment with the priest to talk about your return and just ask nicely why those aren’t said.


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