Absent Priest, Valid Mass?

Sorry, I’ve never been to one of these. I have heard of communion services rather than Mass being held on the Friday and Saturday before Easter, but this doesn’t seem to fit the bill.:confused:

A lady led us in praying the act of Contrition (the one with the “grievous fault”) and a couple of opening prayers. Then she read from the Old Testament. Then another lady said the responsorial (…“clean waters upon you, I will wash away all your sins” was our part, which although I know isn’t wrong still feels wrong for me to say) and then the first lady read aloud the alleluia snippet and then the Gospel. I couldn’t pay attention because I thought it was weird that it wasn’t a priest reading it. She closed it in the same way, sat down among us in the pews, and after what felt like five min (probably less) of what was probably supposed to be prayerful silence she stood and let us with the Our Father and petitions, whichever order that was, and then took some host out of the cubby in the wall where the priest normally puts the uneaten consecrated host.

I was praying, “please let it be You, I came here because I wanted to be with You, if it is You please unite me to You” with such uncertainty, I think that my doubt must have caused me to sin. Looking back I guess that host was pre-consecrated, and she wasn’t pretending to be a priest; she didn’t say “the mystery of faith”. But I wasn’t thinking that at the time, I was only hoping it was really Jesus, but afraid because of who was holding Him.

I apologize for all the childish terminology. I was reconciled last Easter, so although I’ve got the words down (unless we switch to Latin or Spanish for the Lamb of God) I’m not 100% familiar yet. I don’t mind going to Mass again–actually, I’m planning to go again tomorrow–but I don’t want to inadvertently disrespect Christ.

Yes, that sounds like a communion service. As long as she didn’t do the whole Mass your fine, the Hosts had been consecrated earlier by the priest.

This is beyond sacrilegious. First of all, a woman has no business running a prayer service of ANY KIND. They are to remain silent in the churches (1 Timothy 2:12). Further, this would not fulfill your Sunday Mass requirement, as it is not a Mass. My advice is to find a valid Mass said by a priest with valid orders.

A Communion service can fulfill your weekly obligation. There are several parishes in my area that end up having to have one or two a year when there is no priest available.

A “communion service” is a solemn nonsense. Either you have a Mass or you don’t. If a priest isn’t in, find the nearest CMRI chapel. See this is the problem with the Novus Ordo. There is no unity in anything, and people are exploiting the already-terrible rubrics to further the cause of modernism. Sickening really.

Sounds like a Communion service. Lay people can be trained for this, in the absence of a priest for Mass or a Deacon for a Communion service.
Consecrated hosts are reserved in the Tabernacle, (not a cubby) then you received Christ in the Eucharist. That’s where the Ministers who take Eucharist to the infirmed get them, after all.
Be at peace. Many places do not have a priest available, but still want to offer Eucharist to the people of the parish on weekdays.

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful responses.

I am going to tomorrow’s evening mass. It’ll be Saturday vigil, so they HAVE to have a priest there, and bonus, there will be music! :stuck_out_tongue:

Even my non-denom-Christian family members are shaking their heads at a woman leading any kind of church service. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I mean, it’s fine for a lady to be a lector or pass out Jesus like any male Catholic, but when she was saying the words that the priest usually says I was thinking “that should be an octave lower” not because I’m sarcastic, but because it felt like my mom was talking. And I know the Church is personified as feminine, but the priesthood is pastoral and paternal in character. For me personally the fact that we call priests “Father” is a big deal.

So if I get this straight, this was technically a valid Communion service and it really was Jesus I partook of, but another go would never hurt.

This is a Post-Vatican II thing. This would never happen at a valid Catholic parish, with a valid Catholic priest. These “communion services” are the first step towards the abolition of the clergy. They should be avoided at all costs.

No it’s not. Women should not partake in the liturgy other than being in the congregation.

A communion service is sometimes required so that parishioners can fulfill their obligation when a priest is unavailable. Unfortunately, with the shortage of priests, this is happening more frequently.

When a priest is not available, the next best choice would be a deacon. If there is no deacon a layperson can preside if necessary. Frequently a Eucharistic minister is asked to preside. Canon law does not require that the person presiding be a male.

This certainly would fulfill your obligation and is absolutely valid! This theme is treated in Canons 1247 and 1248 in the Code of Canon Law.

1Timothy 2:12 refers to women teaching publicly and has been interpreted by the Church to mean that women may not give the homily, the official teaching within the liturgical celebration. It does not prohibit them from participating in other ways.

Your bias is showing. This is not the case. We live in a valid Archdiocese with valid priests with valid Masses. it’s not an optimum situation but it is legal.
Read up on it before you post things that are untrue.
Pray for vocations.

You are wrong.
Ask an apologist on this site.

They introduced these services here in Ireland about a year ago because of a shortage of priests. It’s not a Mass or even a communion service. I think they call it a Liturgy of the Word Service. That may not be the correct terminology but that’s pretty much what it is.
Prayers are said and Scripture read, then the consecrated host placed in the Tabernacle prior to the service is distributed at the end.

According to the spokesman for the Church in Ireland this is not new. It was practiced by early Christians when the priest could not be present, (for a number of reasons) and they have reactivated it. The reason is because some priests are currently covering more than one Parish. Some retired priests say Mass at the weekend. They have this service on week days if there is no priest available.

A Communion service does not fulfill your Sunday obligation. If there is no Mass available for you to attend, your obligation is dispensed. The Church does not expect you to do the impossible. A Communion service is simply a way for the parish community to join in prayer and to receive Communion when a Mass is not possible.

A modernist apologist is not the final word on Theology. Don’t be silly. Read 1 Timothy 2:12. Women are forbidden to teach or serve at Mass. They are to REMAIN SILENT. Why do you think that only men have partaken in the Liturgy (the valid, Pre-VII liturgy anyway)? Women running liturgies is a Modernist and Protestant idea.

You would disrespect the opinion of a good and holy priest? Wow.

I’m not being silly. I’m totally serious. Lay ministry is there for a reason.
I get that you’re upset about it, but it doesn’t make it wrong.

Sounds like a communion service, yes it is a valid communion. The liturgy of the Mass is there except for the consecration part. I have seen this done in my previous parish by a Deacon when the Priest is off on Mondays.

When I was still fairly new to the parish and going to daily mass, I did not know that our parish priest is off on a Monday, it felt like a half baked mass. LOL But still its a valid communion because the Deacon brings out consecrated host from the Tabernacle for the congregation. At this point, they do not serve (is that the right term?) the sacred Blood as it needs to be consecrated first and consumed right after.

Which “good and holy priest”?

  1. I think I’ll take Saint Paul’s opinion over your apologist, thank you.
  2. If he was “ordained” in the New Rite of Ordination, he’s not a valid priest.
  3. Lay ministry is there because the Freemason Antipope Paul VI put it there.
  4. No, me being upset about women running the “liturgy” doesn’t make it wrong. What makes it wrong is that it goes against 2000 years of tradition.

I’m not even going to qualify or respond to all the fallacies here.
I’ll pray for you.

Paul VI was NOT a Freemason Anti-pope.

By the way:

The Church states that “The faithful are bound to assist at Mass [and refrain from labor] on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.”. Obviously if there is no valid Mass near by there is no obligation, but a “Communion service” is just a sacrilege, and odds are you can find a lovely TLM or Byzantine Divine Liturgy within a half hour’s drive.

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