Absolutely Disgusting


As a Catholic I have to say I am disgusted that the L.A. Diocese paid 6 billion dollars to make a problem go away. These perpetrators need to be sent to jail for what they have done. I believe we have some Judas Priest in our Church and we need to get rid of them and stand up as Catholics against this. I do not see how this will help our non-Catholic posters understand Catholicism better on these forums.


I thought it was 60 millions.

Do you actually know what the Diocese deals with each of those priests?


First of all it was 600 milliion dollars for between 500 and 600 cases. That’s still an incredable amount.
They cover a variety of abuses over a 40 year time span.
Ranging in severity.
Many of the cases are over 20 years old
As far as the perpetrators many are dead and many have served time for there offenses. Wheather they were eventual punished is not really the issue.
That abuses that occurred although horrible are not really even the issue.
The abuse itself is probably no different that that occurring in the general population. In fact there are probably 500 abuse cases
a month in the LA area
The issue is over how the people in charge once aware of abuse
handled the guilty priest. If and when made aware of the abuse
The Bishop notified the local authorities and suspended the offenders pending external legal investagation future abuse could have been prevented. Once the bishops choose to bury there heads in the sand they created a liability that we now have to pay for. However what the bishop’s did was no different than the way this crime was and continues to be handled in the general population. If every abuse was handled in the manner
I previously stated than maybe we could get a handle on this scrouge that sickens are society. Sadly it may even be a parent
who covers for there spouse.


Sorry 660 million. Typo.


Hi Gus,
I hold the Catholic Church to a higher standard than the general population. Thanks for your response.


is this 660 per case or total?


As a NCC I am upset with the victims sueing the CC. The bible does speak against this.:frowning:

I feel the money is being taken away from people who are being helped by the CC.:frowning:

Instead of sueing they should have just somehow made sure the CC cleans up how they deal with this in the future so it doesnt happen again.

Sorry , I know Im not catholic but it upset me just the same.

I too hold the CC to a higher standard but then again I hold any church and their clergy to a higher standard.

My minister tells us that he cant possibly expect us to do the right thing if he does not hold himself to a higher standard.:thumbsup:

Just my:twocents:


Amen!!! Don’t compare the church to the general population. I knew someone who was abused by a priest in Maryland when he was a child. It was hidden for years until someone broke the story of a new case. The priest shot himself in the head.


That is good point AFH. The money that was donated by the indvidual parishes to help the poor and go to Catholic Charities has been used for this payoff. Also do the 500 of these folkswho are suing the Church have solid evidence? That is alot of people. How do they know some weren’t just jumping on the bandwagon to get some dough?



Special Report
by Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights February 2004

In the spring of 2002, when the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church was receiving unprecedented attention, the Christian Science Monitor reported on the results of national surveys by Christian Ministry Resources. The conclusion: “Despite headlines focusing on the priest pedophile problem in the Roman Catholic Church, most American churches being hit with child sexual-abuse allegations are Protestant, and most of the alleged abusers are not clergy or staff, but church volunteers.”

Finally, in the authoritative work by Penn State professor Philip Jenkins, Pedophiles and Priests, it was determined that between
.2 and 1.7 percent of priests are pedophiles. The figure among the Protestant clergy ranges between 2 and 3 percent.


The issue of child sexual molestation is deserving of serious scholarship. Too often, assumptions have been made that this problem is worse in the Catholic clergy than in other sectors of society. This report does not support this conclusion. Indeed, it shows that family members are the most likely to sexually molest a child. It also shows that the incidence of the sexual abuse of a minor is slightly higher among the Protestant clergy than among the Catholic clergy, and that it is significantly higher among public school teachers than among ministers and priests.

In a survey for the Wall Street Journal-NBC News, it was found that 64 percent of the public thought that Catholic priests frequently abused children.This is outrageously unfair, but it is not surprising given the media fixation on this issue. While it would be unfair to blame the media for the scandal in the Catholic Church, the constant drumbeat of negative reporting surely accounts for these remarkably skewed results.



On another thread about how to address our new rector, I was, I felt, horse-whipped for saying that I do not consider myself on the same level as the priests and would not consider calling them by their first name, i.e. Father FirstName. I know there is much more to it than just how they are addressed, but the familiarity of calling them by their first name (and I know of more than just a few people who don’t even say Father) contributes to, aid and abets, if you will, the priests forgetting that they are held to a higher standard.


Raymond Arroyo was on The Laura Ingraham show today speaking about this. I missed some of the interview, but I heard him say that some people who had already been awarded money in a law suit were allowed to cash in a second time! Did anyone else hear the show who can clarify that
P.S. Is this thread in the right place? Non-Catholic Religions?:confused:


I agree with you here ALLFORHIM! What really gets me is the extremes… like ok, pay for counseling but any more than that is greedy…just like those who sue stars because they have money…


I think it is greed!:frowning: How much money is it going to take for someone to be healed of what happened to them. The answer NONE.

The only thing that will heal them is JESUS. You cant buy HIM and further more you dont have too:thumbsup: :smiley:


I dont know if they are all telling the truth or not. It just seems greedy on the victims part. I dont feel they are behaving as Christ told us too.

Not that I am belittling what they went through at all!!! Just saying money isnt the answer.:frowning: If that happened to me or my children, I couldnt, in good conscience, take money away from a church that supports the poor, missions trips and just upkeep of the local congregation. It just isnt biblical.:frowning:

Of course I would want the minister/priest to suffer the consequences of his actions but that is it.:shrug:


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