Absolutely terrified of doctors


I finished my consecration to Jesus through Mary according to St. Louis de Montfort today March 25, 2012, on the Feast of the Annunciation.

But just now I realized very deeply that I have a terror, an absolute terror involved with doctors. I have just suffered mistreatment and disrespect in the care of enough of them that I am afraid to put myself in a position where I would have to trust one whom I do not know. I have dealt with many incompetent doctors, and I am just too terrified to trust any of them, regardless of whether any particular one is competent or respectful or good and reliable and trustworthy.

What I would ask is you pray to God to give me the courage to trust those whom He puts me under the care of. Please ask St. Luke to pray for my help as well in rebuilding much needed trust when I must rely on a medical professional for healing or treatment of any sort. I have just been mistreated so often that I experience excruciating agony just thinking about having to put my trust in a doctor whom I do not know.


You need to see a therapist or find someone else who you can open up to and get past this fear.

Everyone gets sick at one point in time or another. You have to find it in your heart to offer up this emotional suffering and place your trust in God and in the person who will be treating you.

Please get in touch with someone you can talk to.

I’ll say a prayer for you.

Dear Friend,

When I had my severe trauma, I had Doctors tell me they didn’t know what was wrong with me. My faith in them, also faded. But, one day I found one who finally knew what was going on and I praised God for her. Please don’t give up. There are good ones out there that can help you. There are and keep praying. I will pray for you too.

And if I were there, I’d hold your hand when going to see one in your terror.

Sheila is my real name.
Prayer “Every day I Need You Lord…”

Every day I need You Lord
But this day especially,
I need some extra strength
To face what ever is to be.

This day more than any day
I need to feel You near,
To fortify my courage
And to overcome my fear.

By myself, I cannot meet
The challenge of the hour,
There are times when humans help,
But we need a higher power.

to assist us bear what must be borne,
and do dear Lord, I pray-
Hold on to my trembling hand
And be near me today.
Amen. :highprayer:**

Lord, if there is ever anything seriously wrong with Joshua he can go for a second opinion. Hopefully this thought will be of some comfort to him. Please help him to find a good doctor he can trust. Mother Mary, please calm his fears. Amen.

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