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I hope I didn’t make a mistake today. My parish has absolution from 4-4:45 PM every Saturday. I wanted to go today because I wanted absolution, I feel I need it again. But it was so hot. I noticed as I was thinking am I going into this heat or not, the bus go by. So I missed it. Is too hot for riding the bus around town a valid excuse?


What do you mean by ‘valid excuse’ for missing absolution (confession)? If you have a mortal sin on your soul than no, you may not receive communion.

Oh no I did not receive the Eucharist. Because I have no car I was going to absolution and then maybe praying for a moment then I would have to leave. I couldn’t stay for vigil because of the bus situation. Vigil starts at 5PM and the last bus goes by my way at 5:30 PM. So I was going to go to Mass Tues. Thurs., or Fri. or any combination of those days. I mean by valid excuse if something happened would I be forced to purgatory?

Do you mean that there is never any Sunday/Saturday vigil Mass that you can regularly attend. While receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation should never be understated, I’m left wondering how you fulfill your Sunday obligation.

Are you in a rural area with only one Catholic church? Or do you work from Saturday afternoon until midnight on Sunday? Could you ask the parish secretary about car-pooling options for Sunday Mass?

By the way, most of us will end up in Purgatory for a while. For myself, I will be deeply grateful if/when I get there.

I know you can be dispensed of that obligation. I have not but I have talked to the Pastor about my situation. He said God will understand. On Sundays the bus doesn’t run so that’s out. On Saturday evenings it stops running before the vigil Mass lets out. A former Pastor of mine said he wouldn’t be able to help me with knowing someone that could get me to Mass. He said I would have to find that on my own. I usually go to the weekday Masses. I haven’t even been doing that lately and that will be on my confession list too.


Do you mean Confession? Or some sort of “general absolution”?

I am under the impression that a very few holy individuals who joined the cross in a very close way will depart this life and immediately enter into heaven. Most of us, if we are saved, will most probably have to spend some time in purgatory.

The issue at stake with confession and absolution of mortal sins is not purgatory, but the loss of salvation. Unconfessed mortal sins must be confessed.

Now, God does not ask the impossible, and He also is omniscent. What He requires of us when we commit the kind of sin that is mortal and brakes communion with Christ, is that we experience contrition (or at least attrition) and have the firm intention to confess as soon as possible.

The Church also teaches that perfect contrition (that is to say, repentance due to the sorrow of having offended God, who is all good and deserving of all our love, rather than due to fear of hell or of material loss) united with the firm intention of confessing as soon as possible, can obtain from God even the remission of mortal sins. If one were to - God forbid - pass away under such a circumstance, Christ would take into account the penitent’s repentance and his firm resolution to confess as soon as possible. If the heat of the day is a sincere concern due to health reasons of any kind, then definitely the prudential thing would seem to confess on the next most suitable occasion. If the heat is a mere disturbance that would not threaten our health, it may be worthy to offer the sacrifice and bear with it for the sake of confession.

HOWEVER…you said that “as you were thinking, the bus went by and you missed it”. It was not your fault. You did not decide “I will not go” (which might even have been the best decision). You merely suffered the consequence of an accident: you missed the bus. The matter was no longer in your hands at that point, and was to be accepted with resignation and trust in Christ. If He could bear the terrible torments of the Passion out of love for your soul, do you think He won’t pave the way and send His holy angels in order to cleanse your soul of all sin before He summons you to the House of the Father??

The Lord is very understanding but requires that we do all we can in order to comply with the precepts - that is to say, the commands - of Holy Church, such as attending Holy Mass on Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation. If your personal situation - which you need not disclose :slight_smile: - prevents you from arriving to Church in any other way and there is no bus on Sunday, then again, God does not ask the impossible of us! However it is important to mention this to your pastor and have a dispensation, which you say you did.

Having an intuition of how supernaturally important is to attend Mass on the Lord’s Day and Holy Days of Obligation (or the Vigil Mass the previous evening), I encourage you to “keep knocking” and try to find an “angel” who may be willing to accompany you at least on some occasions. Maybe it can be mentioned on a bulletin, or in an anouncement, or something?

In any case, may the Lord who inflames your soul of love for the Eucharist bless you and keep you in His peace. I want to bring a very insightful article to your attention. It concerns the sort of trust and serenity we ought to have when we strive to live with a penitent heart and recur to the Sacraments as often as needed and as often as possible.

How long have I waited

People should experience that you recognize that you are a sinner and joyful, because you do penance knowing that God forgives. There is no sin that is too big for God to forgive. The only sin that He cannot forgive is despair, when we stop believing that he can forgive or we begin to believe that he is so angry with us that he won’t forgive us even if we asked.

If we make regular use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we don’t have to worry about being forgiven. We can walk through a crowd with serenity, because we know that even if everything else collapses around us, we will not collapse. We are held up by the grace of God that we receive in the sacraments.

Indeed, Confession.

I am flabberghasted by your priest’s unwillingness to help you find someone you can carpool with to attend Mass on Sunday so that you can actually fulfill your Sunday obligation. How difficult is it to make an announcement, or put in the bulletin, “There is a parishioner who is unable to attend Mass on Sunday or Saturday evening due to insufficient public transportation. If there is anyone who may be interested in giving him a ride to Mass on Sundays or Saturday evening, please see me after Mass or contact me.”? Our priest does this kind of thing all the time. We even have a carpool system set up.

While it’s true God does not require the impossible, your soul is not reaping the spiritual benefits of going to Mass on Sunday. I’m amazed your priest isn’t concerned about this.

The key word here is “former.” Ask your current pastor. As Deo Gratias42 pointed out, it just beggars belief that the parish can’t help find a transportation arrangement for you.

There is no obligation to attend weekday Mass, so you don’t need to confess not going.

I’m confused by this. Sin has two distinct punishments attached to it. One is eternal and the other is temporal. Absolution remits completely the eternal punishment due to sin. By performing the penance imposed in Confession the penitent may reduce the amount of temporal punishment they are due, either on this earth or purgatory, to some degree. One cannot assume that by simply going to Confession and by performing the prescribed penances that one will not go to Purgatory. That is not the teaching of the Catholic Church.

He’s not longer my Priest. The Bishop has moved him as they do with priests but yes he said he didn’t know of anyone right off and couldn’t help me.

OK the temporal as I understand it is remitted by the penance given by the priest for you to do. I will tell you why I believe I sinned. I was looking through and deciding what old Playboy magazine I have from before coming into the church I was going to keep for a possible future value. And the main ones I was to get rid of. What I should be doing is just getting rid of all right? I do not look at them for the most part they just sit around. But I have old ones so old the centerfolds are not nude. I thought maybe a collector or something might like to buy them. But if I were selling them I would be contributing to sin and sinning again myself wouldn’t I? So there’s really no sense in “looking through” or keeping any of them for future sale is there?


LOL dump them already! :smiley: Do you really want to sell them and lead other people into temptation and sin? :o Forsake the value they may have for a treasure in heaven.

Bill, have you considered confessing trying to be a Tibetan Buddhist at the same time you are a practicing Catholic?

I figure I would get an uneducated answer. I am pretty familiar with them. Catholicism seems to want to lump buddhism into atheism and it’s far from atheism. The two seem to go very good together. Practicing Catholicism day to day is the way I live.

A Catholic cannot be a Buddhist. The two are incompatible. Buddhist ARE atheists. Pope John Paul II called Buddhism an atheist religion.

I think the term “non-theist” would be more correct. I’m not quite sure how his holiness knows anything about Buddhism. Roman Catholicism is another story. Christ and the church, that’s different. Buddhists DO NOT take the stance there is no God. The idea doesn’t come up in some of the schools of Buddhism. In some where they talk about Brahma that’s God. I don’t want to get side tracked here on this thread. If anyone would like to have this discussion in the non-Catholic religions forums that would be fine.

Also I AM NOT going to insult the pontiff. And I believe that’s against forum rules and the faith.

Buddhism contains heretical ideas and beliefs by its nature. Buddhists say that you can be Christian and Buddhist at the same time while the Catholic Church teaches otherwise. It comes down to who are you going to believe? Other Buddhists or the Catholic Church? Who will you follow? You cannot have two masters. If you say that you follow Christ then follow Him. If you say that you follow Buddha, well then, I cannot help you. How in the world do you expect to follow both at the same time?

I am not following both. There are no two masters here; only one. Look at the way people outside view the church. Are they correct and we are wrong? Then how being outside of Buddhism can you make judgments about it?

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