I went for absolution yesterday and described my sins. I intentionally was tempted to look up porn on the internet. I explalined this to my confessor and he said to follow my conscious in these things. I’m a little confused about this. Maybe he meant well and was givinf me good advice in his way. But I think the church’s teachings are clear on this. I may be being tested.


I think what you priest meant to say was, “You know porn is bad so don’t look at it.”

Did he absolve your sins? Or say that your conscience was the final authority and absolution is not needed? If he absolved you sins, it sounds like he is trying to stir you to follow your rightly formed conscience.

Yes he absolved me and gave me a penance. Then I went to vigil mass. It’s the first time in a while that I’ve taken the host. I didn’t feel different. I don’t know if I’m weak from not taking the host or being tested. I don’t like to use the rosary it’s too long I much prefer the miraculous metal and I prayed Mary would take away the desire for sin. That I feel.


I’m not sure what your issue is with the confession.

This was an asst priest at the Vicar’s church. Our priest had to go to a wedding and this Fr. was young and sounded to me like inexperienced. But after the confession he conducted the mass very well and I like his homily so this may be ok. He was just a young lad that sounded inexperienced.


Catholicism isn’t a faith based on feelings. Yes, sometimes God gives us consolations to reward and encourage us to pray, do good works, etc, but he also strips us of them to purify and test us.

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