If a priest is hearing confessions before mass, and he’s short on time, can he cut your confession short and grant you absolution (and if he does, and you do the penance he gives you, is it valid)?




Even if there were mortal sins you hadn’t gotten to yet?


That is not your fault. You did not deliberately withhold them. Next time you go to , confess those sins.


But in the meantime you are forgiven for the mortal sins. This is based not on the priest
alone, but on Jesus your great High Priest, Advocate and Mediator, who “ever lives to make intercession for us,”

As a non-Catholic Christian it is easier for me to see this because I have always confessed my sins directly to my High Priest, Jesus. You can know that you are always able to confess to Him, while the priest has been supplied to meet your needs,

he is
only a representative in human form to comfort you, it is the High Priest
from whom your blessings flow, and He is on Duty 24-7, always open for your business, whereas the priest sleeps, eats and is not in confession at times you immediately need him,

Jesus is available, “never slumbers or sleeps” bible quote, and Jesus provided human men to communicate His forgiveness to you. It is Jesus’ forgiveness, not the priests’ forgiveness, although they are there to minister to you,. they are only human and only representing Jesus to you.

Jesus paid for your sin and it is His forgiveness,…which he says, bible quote “if we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” This is a promise of God to you right from the Bible.


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Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers: jimmyakin.com/2005/03/confession_vali-2.html Such may be similar…

In any case-- when there is a valid reason where the the confession cannot fully happen (like mortal sins are forgotten or the plane is going down etc)-if one had any mortal sins -they need to be confessed in the next confession.

(though there can be cases of scrupulosity where the confessor needs to direct the penitent in way that others would not normally follow -due to their particular scrupulous difficulty)


Thank you all.


Years back one of our priests who was hearing Confession was the one who would be celebrating Mass. He ran out of time and came out of the Confessional and went to the Confession line and gave everyone in it a General Absolution, told them they could receive Communion, but that they had to remain behind after Mass for individual Confession.


I wanted to emphasize that last point. I “know” many people are going to miss it.


And such is not normally to be done - as has been clarified since.


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