Abstain meat on Friday


Are we really obliged to abstain meat every Friday? My friend send a picture to me where we are not obliged to abstain meat on Friday. My aunt also said to me that we need to abstain meat on Friday.

Go to www.usccb.org

Or Sunday school.

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Every Friday of the year is a day of penance. That means abstinence from meat*. However, the conference of bishops in your area may allow you to do another penance.

*Except Friday during the octave of Easter (or other solemnities which happen to fall on Friday), which is, I believe, an optional day of penance.

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Depends where you are in the world.

Where i am we are supposed to abstain. I dont in all honesty. I think it is a made up rule that is rather stupid. Why! Well, Jesus did say that its not what goes into your both that defiles you, but what comes out of it!

Maybe, instead of not eating meat on a friday, it would be a better idea if we fed one homeless person each every friday!


Yes. If you are in certain parts of the world like America, you are still required to do a penance, such as the suggested abstinence from meat. However, in these certain places like America, you can substitute with a different penance like an extra Rosary or visiting the sick.

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I attended Sunday School, and I did not know that this was a requirement until I discovered it through my own research, even after I went through confirmation preparation. In fact, many Catholics I have spoken with were unaware of this requirement until after I told them myself. If memory serves, a few didn’t believe me until after I cited the relevant canon.

What country do you live in? There are universal rules (by which we are to abstain every Friday) and then there are adaptations for different countries (for example, in the US other penances can be done instead).

I’m from the Philippines :slight_smile:

You are supposed to abstain from meat on all Fridays, as the Catechism says, “in honor of the day on which our Savior died.”

Praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet between 3 and 4 PM on Fridays for the holy souls in Purgatory is a good penitential practice as well. (and/or the Rosary)

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YES we are to abstain EVERY Friday of the year from meat. Now in Lent it is Mandatory. NO substitutes.

Outside of Lent you may eat meat on Fridays but you must substitute another penance in its place.

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Not eating meat won’t hurt you.

I never eat meat…


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Actually, it’s all Fridays except those that are solemnities (which includes the one you mentioned).

I stand corrected.

I have to remind myself when they occur :grin: They aren’t frequent.

Not in the U.S…you can substitute abstinence of something else as an penitential act.

While I am good at abstaining from eating meat during Lent (when, if I am not mistaken, even in the U.S., it is required), I frequently forget to abstain from something the rest of the liturgical year.

Yet, it is hardly grave matter, or mortal sin unless one does it willfully in disobedience.

Heaping guilt on others is not charitable, so I would never assert that there is a “must”, or conclude if that is not met that we are somehow less Catholic.

It depends on the country. If you live in the US then the answer is no you do not have to abstain from meat during Fridays outside Lent but you must perform some form of penance. For example, this could be some act of charity or even praying an extra decade on the Rosary.

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