Abstaining from Communion; can you help?

I have been all over the boards concerning NFP and spouses refusal. I am sorry if I am beating a dead horse but I did not see any response that dealt with Communion as well. My spouse and I were married in the church even though we weren’t fully participating Catholics, pretty young and ignorant to Church teachings. The past 7 years I have become active in the church and adhering to Church teachings as I uncover more truths( I don’t believe I was catechized accurately.) I feel a sense of guilt and loneliness since my conversion before my husband; especially since we are one. I desire nothing more then for him to grow in his faith and be of the same yoke. My husband, “non practicing catholic” uses contraceptives and is against NFP, I do not wish to use contraception, but am stuck in complicated situation. If understand the “Vade mecum for Confessors paragraph 13” correctly, I will not be in a state of mortal sin if I follow the 3 requirements. Does this mean I am allowed to participate in Eucharist as I had abstained in fear that I was not in Communion with the Church? I was told to abstain but I don’t think my adviser is aware of Vade mecum for Confessors paragraph 13. I am very confused about this and want to be in Communion with out Holy Church and Her laws. I do not want to depend on opinions especially my own.
Thank you kindly and Bless you all for your dedication and hard work in helping us understand His Truth!

Dear Friend,

The point of Vade mecum, paragraph 13 is that out of concern for preserving a valid marriage from a break up, the concerned Catholic may have marital relations with the spouse who insists on using contraception without sinning–with the stipulation that he or she intend only what the Church allows and that he or she continue to patiently with prayer, charity and dialogue, seek to help the other spouse to desist from such conduct.

This is from the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. So you may receive the Eucharist since you are not sinning.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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