Abstinence Education Lowering HIV/AIDS Rate


Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) – A new study by the United Nations makes it clear that the abstinence education message is making a clear impact in the African HIV/AIDS rates. The study shows people are engaging in casual sex less often, waiting longer to start having sex, and infection rates are dropping…

I question the accuracy of this Life News article. It claims abstinence is playing a role in a reduced transmission rate in Zimbabwe, but it doesn’t say how large of a role it is playing. Nor does it provide a link to this study, or even its name, so we can’t fact check the article’s claims.

At least one major section of the article is dubious. It claims that Uganda’s HIV rate was reduced by abstinence education, citing a 2004 Washington Post article. However, a lengthy 2007 article in the Washington Post indicates that it was not abstinence education which reduced Uganda’s HIV rate, but fidelity education.

Abstinence and fidelity are complementary, but they are distinctly different. Abstinence education delays the age of sexual activity, but once sexually active abstinence education has little effect.

Fidelity and Abstinence are the two sides of the coin. They are not separate.

Perhaps, but looking at one side precludes looking at the other.

Promoting a message of “restrict your sex to one partner” is money not spent on “don’t have sex outside of marriage”.

Abstinence is the best way but i don’t think people are really forgetting about sex but rather they are using protective measures such as the use of condoms because that is what the media say is right.

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