Can married people wear an abstinence ring?


Why not? It just might lead to a lot of explaining. And why would they want to broadcast a Josephite marriage rather than keep it between themselves. Just a thought.


Do you maybe mean a chastity ring? Sometimes the words are used interchangeably, but they don't mean the same thing. Abstinence is complete avoidance of any sexual act, whereas chastity is the use of your sexual gift according to your life status. If you are not married and you are abstinent, then through abstinence, you are also chaste. If you are married and you only have relations according to the guidelines set forth by the Church, then you are chaste, though obviously not abstinent.

So, if you mean a chastity ring, then yes, married people can wear one.


What is an abstinence ring?



Never heard of that and why would anyone married want to do that? Please read Corinthians and what Paul says in regards to celibacy and marriage. Basically if you can be celibate then do so, but if you can't get married... not sure why you would try to do both... but that's just me I guess.



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Can married people wear an abstinence ring?


Why would you want to?


Your wedding ring says that you have an obligation to your spouse, that is not abstinence. If you are called to abstinence, why would you marry?



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