Abuse allegations by Church Militant


Is this Church Militant channel being hushed-up by the Church in the USA?
Are these allegations being dealt with ?



Mr Voris makes $$ off clicks, and the more outrageous the more clicks. The “I’m being persecuted” has been the story since 2012. Trying to cash in on the latest scandal is just plain tacky.


Thanks for that.
It would be better to avoid the ad-hominem attack on Voris (all such channels get paid by clicks) and concentrate on the problem. Has Voris been pushing this since 2012 while the Church, by strategy, covered it up?


I won’t click to see what is the persecution of the day.

In 2012 the Diocese informed Mr Vorhis that he was in violation of Canon Law. In order to comply, the organization had to be renamed. If that happened to me, I’d have had my pride hurt. Going to guess that Mr Voris is a regular human being who also is capable of having hurt feelings.

If we look hard enough, we can find conspiracy in just about any situation. I choose not to believe that there is some great organized effort to keep a small, private web blog and You Tube channel silent.


It’s right there on youtube. How is that “being hushed-up?”


If Voris has been pushing this since 2012 and the Church has been paying out under confidentiality agreements, and a bishop has said that boys in sex acts with priests are themselves “culpable” it seems to me that this is coming to the fore 6 years (and more) too late. Also, it doesn’t seem to have featured on Catholic Answers very much over those 6 years; or am I wrong?


Voris pushes whatever issues are already prominent in the secular media. Nobody ever went broke trashing the bishops. It is a major industry, both for explicitly secular media and for Rowdy Religious websites. Anti Catholic authority is a major mainstream trend. Voris is part of the huge crowd that benefits from that trend. He is excessively mainstream.


We have problems with homosexualist clegy in the UK. An Anglican school, Christ’s Hospital, and two Catholic Benedictine schools have been subject to legal exposure. We have nothing like Voris in the UK, and the Church has destroyed itself in Ireland due to myriad serial abusers which went on for decades. It may be good that you have Voris


“We have nothing like Voris in the UK”

Oh yes you do. You have secular media, and likely have far left, “Catholic” media, and Protestant fundamentalist media.

Voris highlights the same issues they do, nourishes the same suspicion of Catholic hierarchy they do.


Voris and his site are unreliable. if there’s anything to what he’s yammering about on any given day, it will get picked up by the mainstream media, who would be happy to have the next big “Spotlight” story.


Is Vorhis a practicing Catholic? Does he think he is doing a service for Catholics?
Didn’t he used to have a show on EWTN?


Voris not only follows the secular media, but also the supposedly Catholic websites that seek to take down the bishops on abortion, gay marriage, women ordination, etc. They and Voris are marching in step.

What the UK needs is something like Catholic Answers. Not just the Forums, but the whole apologetics website.


Spotlight had to be written. The laity who could have exposed it didn’t, and the diocese covered it up. There should be no grounds for such stories, but we now know how common they really are.


It looks from UK that Voris and his team are traditional Catholics opposed to abortion etc., Are you saying otherwise?


I’m not complaining about Spotlight.

I think Voris has some issues.


Voris as far as I am aware is a reformed homosexual who found forgiveness and escape from that life in the Lord; his team are hard hitting but seem to be sound in their doctrine. Can anyone give an example to the contrary? @Tis_Bearself: said “Voris and his site are unreliable.” Can you give an example of that?


Obviously, Uriel1, you like Voris, so I doubt anything I write will convince you otherwise. But Catholic News Agency has noted that not everything popping up on Church Militant is “sound” in terms of doctrine.


Thanks for that resource; one part of which says, "It used to be known as “Real Catholic TV.” Being primarily an online and YouTube service, the title was perhaps a bit overly grand. And when the Archdiocese of Detroit decided it wasn’t real Catholic either, Voris et al. were forced to drop the word “Catholic” from their title and changed to the new name, “Church Militant.”

A change in name did not necessarily mean a change in tactics, and the group continues on its hunt for Catholics who – in its view – aren’t quite Catholic enough, even if the Church hierarchy allows many of those groups to use the name Catholic, but not their accuser."

This is itself more than a little inaccurate, as the Church Executive will not allow laity to use the title “Catholic” without permission; for example, if the lay community open a Catholic school and exclude the executive from its management, the Church generally bars the use of the name Catholic


I think the author’s point is that we have Catholic Answers and Catholic Culture and Catholic this and that all allowed to use the word, but somehow Voris was denied the permission. That makes him kind of stand out from the pack.


Voris is prolife. But one reason the pro abortion movement is flourishing even among Catholics is because of the anti Catholic authority movement mostly in the secular media.

Yes, bishops did wrong also, but the attack on Catholic authority began before the scandal. By jumping on the anti bishops bandwagon Voris reinforces the secular media.

The acceptance of abortion by millions of Catholics, as well as disintegration of marriage is the biggest Catholic scandal. The sex abuse scandal is serious also.

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