Abuse of Catholics


I was amused when Steadfast complained about the treatment he received from Catholics on this forum. I decided to show how other forums treat Catholics so that perhaps our Protestant friends can walk a mile in our shoes:

The Word of God or the Catholic Church?

I like your sig Yeshua…good question to ask unbelievers

Originally Posted by jay29 You cannot separate the two since the Word of God is inspired by the Holy Spirit and the CC is guided by the HS. They go hand in hand.

In your mind, anyway. If the CC is guided by the Holy Spirit, it sure is ignoring Him. We’ll just have to differ on your assessment. They are totally and completely separate since the Catholic church contradicts the word of God.

You CAN separate the two because the RCC is not guided by the Holy spirit but by Satan

there are two traditions:

the tradition of jesus and the original apostles

the tradition of adding to the word of God by the RCC and claiming it is allright

We know the RCC being wholly pagan is not the true church of Christ. Which one is?

Jesus did not start any church at all.

agree with the director of this site. There may be true Christians in the Roman Catholic Church who are trusting Christ alone for their salvation, but in reality, I think the Roman Catholic church is a cult right up there with the mormons and the Jehovah’s witnesses. Yeah, they believe a lot of essential Christian doctrine, but that’s what makes them even more dangerous, because they have much of the truth, and so they are able to lure people in. However, the Roman Catholic church’s perversion of the Gospel is a damning one, and I fail to see how they are any different from the Judaizers of the Apostle Paul’s day.

1). satan has deceived the believers in the Roman Catholic church.
2). the deception is complete as satan has convinced the Roman Catholic that they are suffering for Christ, whilst the reality is that they are suffering because of their wrong theology.


There are always people who get their points in by hurting others. And I will not be one of them. I have been accused of many things, which I am quite angry and they hurt badly, for they were false statements…


I feel your pain but…I don’t think we need to dwell on what other mainly anti-Catholic forums do, say, or allow. We need to be above that. I think there are a few Catholic’s on those forums that have defended our faith with grace and honor. We just need to keep those folks in our prayers. Even though I don’t agree with Steadfast on a lot of things…I thank we do agree on some…that’s a start. We need to set the example of how Christians interact’s with each other. We can defend/explain our faith without attacking another’s faith or person. That is what we need to dwell on here.

God’s Peace,


I think a large part of the problem is that we assume that what we post will be read and interpreted the way we intend it to be interpreted. We don’t always proofread our posts, and sometimes things are taken the wrong way. If a poster is saying he feels mistreated, I think we need to stop and look at our behavior. I wouldn’t want to keep someone away from the Catholic Church because I didn’t take the time to consider how a particular post of mine might be misinterpreted. This particular forum is so prone to misinterpretation, because many of the non-Catholics here are very devoted to their faith, and it’s very important to them. Likewise, there are many Catholics who post here who care deeply about the Church; many are converts, so they understand the issues that some of the non-Catholics have with the Church. I can only speak for myself, but I want to show people the Church that has given me so much, and sometimes I forget that not everyone is able to see the same things I do (yet). I don’t think there are very many sincere posters on here who purposely try to hurt others. Many of the posters who I think have deliberately made hurtful comments tend to have a very low post count and usually end up being trolls. There have definitely been some posts made by regular Catholic posters that irritated me, but in those situations I try to sit back and let people older, wiser, and more mature in their faith handle it. A rule that I’ve always followed is that if after reading my post over, if I would be angry or upset if someone else posted it about me or my faith, it’s probably a good idea to edit.


I am a Catholic, and I feel that the Word of God and the Catholic Faith are completely related. I believe that the Bible is inerrant, but that there is nothing taught in the tradition of the Catholic Church that contradicts what is taught in the Bible! :bible1: We need to hold fast to the teaching that we received from the apostles, knowing that it is the Truth according to the Scriptures! :love:


:clapping: :bounce: :love: :amen: :bible1: :heart: There is no difference between the Word of God and the Catholic faith. The Bible was given once forever for the saints. There is nothing in the Bible that contradicts the tradition of the Catholic Church.


What does this mean?


Why is this even relevant?

This is the basic sickness of the Catholic apologetics movement. It was founded in response to fundamentalist propaganda, and many of you seem incapable of getting outside the narrow parameters set up by these anti-intellectual bigots.

Why let them define the terms of the conversation? You guys have this incredibly rich heritage–you don’t need to be afraid of them. You don’t need to be obsessed with them, you don’t need to let them call the shots. And you certainly shouldn’t use their forums as the standard for behavior on your forums. You shouldn’t pat yourselves on the back because you don’t stoop quite to their level. That’s like college students feeling proud because they can write better English than kindergarteners.

I know that in practical terms their propaganda makes inroads among Catholics, so of course you need to counter it. But you should counter it by raising the conversation to a different level, not by trading potshots according to the rules laid down by them.

For instance, I know that digging up dirt on Luther or some other important historical Protestant figure is very cathartic for many of you, because you’re tired of all the dirt fundamentalists sling at Catholics. But why use a tactic that is obviously corrupt and irrelevant? Why not take the high ground?



For me, it’s always a tip when someone clears his throat and says, ROMAN Catholic Church.

That’s to make it all sound like some grand conspiracy run by out-of-towners! Fright! Fear! Flee!


Jesus taught that a house built on sand cannot stand. Only a house built on a firm foundation.

If satan [small ‘s’ intended] is the father of the CC Church then it will not stand the storms of time. Every movement that was founded on evil has fallen. The CC Church has survived for 2000-years, which suggests to me the promise of Christ holds good that 'the power of death shall never prevail against His Church 'Mt 16:19 :thumbsup:


I agree with Contarini

I am not interested in what Luther [or anyone else of that matter] did, didn’t do, might have done, intended, thought should be, ought to be, might be. I know WHAT IS!

1 Timothy 3 15-16 says: church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth… Therefore the church of the living God can never uphold error, nor bring in corruptions, superstition, or idolatry. :thumbsup:


That could be it. It could also be that the “throat clearer” considers himself to be a member of the catholic church, albeit not that portion of the catholic church which owes allegiance to the Pontiff. So, to differentiate amongst these various churches, he refers to the Catholic Church as the ROMAN Catholic Church. (And, yes, I know that technically the term “Roman” would refer only to the the Latin Rite branch of the Catholic Church, but that point is lost on most Protestants and, if truth be said, many Catholics as well).


I do not hang out on such forums as you quoted from. I hang out here. Just because CAF is better than “insert other forum here”, is that a good excuse to be rude here?


My post has elicited several different responses to it. One is above.

The post is to show our non-Catholic friends what the average Catholic encounters everyday in real life. Our existence is not confined to this or any other forum. The message I am trying to convey is if a Catholic responds to you in an unchartiable way to try to turn the other cheek as he may have had an encounter with some of those anti-Catholic fellows. The post is definitely not an excuse for any Catholic to respond in kind to such an attack from anti-Catholics. It is simply a reality check as to what goes on in the real world involving Catholics. We should always be Christian in our discussions and I always hold my fellow Catholics to a higher standard. Peace and Love


But does that really happen to us in real life? It doesn’t happen to me. In real life most people don’t give a hoot which Church I attend.

I think if were to go to a die-hard Fundamentalist forum, I should expect that they will totally tell me all the ways that I am wrong & they are right - same with a Mormon forum or a JW forum or a Moslem forum. I think it’s diffiuclt to do that in a way that I perceive as charitable. How do you charitably say: Your religion is wrong - you aren’t serving God and if you don’t turn around, you may end up in hell?

That’s the nature of forums. I think, in general, the Mods keep us in line here… but the fact remains that WE believe we are right and when we tell someone that, it may sting just a bit. If you can’t take the heat, stay in the watercooler. :thumbsup:


This is a reality check? No Catholics I know have to put up with that in real life. If you go on a forum that is designed for non-Catholics, it’s pretty normal for them to not think Catholics are correct.

I’ve had some pretty mean and untrue things said about me here on CAF. I’ve been accused of all sorts of things since I arrived here. If you think every Catholic here has been nice and charitable to the protestants here, maybe us protestants aren’t the only ones in need of a reality check.

There is unkindness everywhere. But I don’t understand the need to rub it in all the time. I mean, here, you aren’t even bringing up this to the person who actually posted it, but rather to a totally different group of people.


I believe in being charitable to all persons, irregardless of their beliefs. After all, if you want people to convert to your faith, as the old saying goes, you draw more flies to sugar than vinegar.

By the way, I tried to sign up for the Baptist Board forum. They rejected my membership and would not even let me post once! :frowning: :mad:


lak? Are you Baptist?? If there was club for little girls, would you wanna join that too? It’s not an apologetics forum. It’s a Baptict forum. They make that pretty clear.


Well…I was kicked off of the major Baptist forum. And darn proud of it. :rotfl:


Syele…Why are you here?

The Baptist forum doesn’t want anybody around who will stand up to their garbage. They even have a category to discuss why the Catholics are going to hell. They specifically target Catholics when determining who they will allow on their forum.

We have a lot of Baptists here and they are very welcome to be here.

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