Abuse of Faith: Investigation reveals 700 victims of Southern Baptist sexual abuse over 20 years

Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention have declined for more than a decade to create a list of sexual predators from affiliated churches. But the [Houston Chronicle](https://www.houstonchronicle.com/) and [San Antonio Express-News](https://www.expressnews.com/)assembled one of our own.

The newspapers spent nearly a year building a database of church leaders and volunteers who pleaded guilty or were convicted of sex crimes in the past 20 years. Most are now in prison or are registered sex offenders. More are from Texas than from any other state.


WOW! I have wondered if there were offenders in other religious sects…

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Yes there are. Percentage of clergy guilty of abuse is nearly the same, denomination to denomination.


SAD in all cases.


And from what I’ve heard, comparable to the population at large.


Odd that there is no site like bishopaccountability.org tracking them. I questioned the site and got no reply; the even keep people on their “hitlist” who have been exonerated. Odd that public schools in the states and other religions have not such “abuse tracking” site.



The only reason the Catholic clergy are in the news instead of the rest of them it’s because of the sheer numbers.

There also seems to have been in the past a more organized effort to cover it up.
That said, I suspect that the same would be true of public schools if they are ever exposed to the same scrutiny as the Catholic Church.


Definitely. In a given year, you’ll hear a number of cases tied to public schools on local news and confined to local news. What would happen if you grouped them with other localities? It grows and grows. The parishes in the Catholic Church are close together, for a lack of better term. Public school boards tend to be independent of each other despite receiving funding from the same source. Baptist churches are independent, even though they tend to participate in and fund a convention, like the Southern Baptist Convention.

When I was finishing college, student teaching, etc. , I remember rumors of teachers being asked to quietly resign and just moving on.
That doesn’t happen today to any great extent, just like bishops do not hide priests anymore, AFAIK.

I’ve noticed something on social media since this story was published. Some are blaming the abuses on male-only pastors. There are churches with female pastors who looked the other way when abuses occurred. Explain that.

It enrages me. That’s as effective as having married clergy in the Catholic Church in preventing abuses. Abuses and cover-ups occur not because of the leadership’s gender composition but because there are bad people and people who are reluctant or not competent in doing their jobs when abuses occur. Does having a different set of chromosomes magically prevent abuse? Why can’t people get it through their thick skulls? It’s foolish thinking and it comes at the expense of victims.

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