Abuse Victim in Malta: 'You Have a Saint' in Pope Benedict

Rome, Italy, Apr 22, 2010 / 01:46 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Vatican analyst Andrea Tornielli spoke with Joseph Magro, 38, one of eight victims of clerical abuse who met with Pope Benedict XVI during his recent visit to Malta.


Wow, that’s so incredibly gracious. :slight_smile:

I am glad Joseph Magro has got his faith in Priests back again!

Catholic teaching is not the poison, but the antedote. It is a falling away from the teaching that has poisoned so many lives, both inside and outside of the Church.

In the coming years, expect a reformed chastened Church to be the sanctuary for the victims of ephebophelia in our societies.

For without Church teaching, with our sexuality no longer being defined as a sacred one-flesh union between man and woman, the norm of a man’s sexual instincts is toward young flesh.

The ephebophelia of the fallen priests are the ways of fallen mankind in general. Without Church teaching to oppose these secular values, expect such liaisons to be the norm in our brave new, post-christian world.

This is so great to hear. Congrats to Joseph Margo for forgiving and having his faith is priests come alive again. I just pray he continues to get support and love through his journey of forgiveness.

Very well said.

And let us pray for holy and orthodox priests, who will minister to men such as Mr. Margo and not let him or the other faithful down. And may these priests please God with their devotion to Him.

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