With the recent report of abuse hitting the catholic church here in ireland what are your thoughts on this matter?

I think it is absolutely appalling and disgusting. I think it is inexcusable that it was allowed to go on as long as it did. But I also do not think it has anything to do with whether Catholicism is true.


Well said.

As I posted in a different section this morning, I can’t get my head around the litany of horrific abuse that the new report describes. While the religious orders involved bear much responsibility and the abusers should not be immune from the rigours of the law, institutional abuse continued because every level of Irish society allowed it continue. The education department knew, the health department knew, doctors knew, psychiatrists knew. Everyone in the street knew what was going on and our ears were closed for too long to the cries of innocent children. I believe this is one of the saddest and most despicable chapters in Irish history.

Of course, this does not affect the truths which the Catholic Church professes, but protection of the Church at all costs (while the abuse was taking place) is ultimately the reason why we are in this deplorable situation now - and we must now make sure, at all costs, that the like never happens again.

I think it is really very bad. No one have the right to abuse the church. Catholicism is true or right that’s not matter.

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